Betting can be a bit challenging for newbies, especially if someone is completely unaware of how the betting world works. In such instances, it is always preferable that amateur bettors select websites that go easy on newbies. Betting websites that are aimed at empowering new bettors have instructional resources uploaded on their platform and a dedicated customer support team. Other than this, they offer introductory bonuses as well to facilitate the betting process for the new bettor.

There are two types of sports betting websites; regular sports betting websites and esports betting websites. Both of these websites cater to a different genre of sports and thus their betting offers to vary accordingly. You should be aware that although regular sports betting sites also offer esports betting, their offers may not be as rewarding as a dedicated e-sport website’s offers would be. This is because the odds for the markets in each type are drawn differently. Therefore, it is better for people who wish to place wagers on esports to do so on platforms dedicated to esports betting.

What Makes a Good eSport Betting Site?

A good esports betting website consists of the following attributes:

  • Welcome Offers
  • Range of Sports to bet on
  • Promotional offers/Bonuses
  • Safe Payment Options
  • Allows Demo/Fake money bets
  • Guidance/Tutorials/Tips
  • Instant Payout policies
  • User-Friendly
  • 24/7 Customer Support

All top-rated esports websites are highly empowering and customer-centric. At the heart of their operation lies in their desire to enable bettors to place wagers with full confidence. For this reason, they literally offer a variety of tutorials and tips to help layman educate himself about the rules of the games and understand wagers better. They also help players in getting acquainted with the range of esports they can choose from and decide the type of wagers they wish to place, consequently, enabling players in placing wiser bets.

All good esports websites offer lucrative introductory bonuses and their offers don’t just stop there. As players proceed and start placing bets, they receive other promotional offers too which they can take advantage of. Another quality of a good esports website is its payment policies and how secure are the transactions carried out on its platform. Additionally, customer support policies and allowing players to place wagers with fake money are also good practices. Playing with fake money allows players to gain confidence and gives them a taste of how it feels like losing real money in a streak of bets, thus, enabling them to withstand the pressures of betting world.

Last but not the least, it is imperative for a good esports website to have a good layout and user-friendly design. The websites which make navigation easier and are appealing in their layout are far more appreciated than the ones which lag behind in these departments and are difficult to surf through.

Top 5 eSports Betting Websites for Beginners

The best esports websites for beginners include the following:


Betway is one of the most-favorite esports websites. It is available in multiple languages and currencies. The best thing about Betway is that it allows deposits as low as $10 to commence betting. It is also widely appreciated for the vast range of esports and daily coupon offers it makes to its players. Betway offers reliable customer support and free betting on up to £30 deposit bonus.


Second, on the list is 888sports. The reason why 888sports made it to the second spot and not first is that even though it has better banking options than Betway, it rarely offers bonuses and has limited esports to select from. 888sport also allows deposits in multiple currencies and makes payment real fast. The deposit bonus amount for 888sport is 100% up to £ To sum it up, 888sport is without doubt one of the best esports sites.

Bet 365:

Bet365 makes for the third spot. With its 24/7 live betting feature and good live streaming option; it is a 100% reliable site to place bets on. Bet 365 offers a fair exchange rate and a variety of odds to select from. It also offers numerous deposit options and accepts denominations in various currencies. There is only one drawback: it offers customer support in English language only. Newbies seeking support in languages other than English can face a hard time understanding the game rules.

William Hill:

While William Hill does a fair job in all other departments, but when it comes down to offering bonuses, it really lags behind. As for its banking options, various currencies availability, language options, and customer support, it really does well.


10Bet is a Canadian website that holds more than 25000 betting events per year. 10Bet offers a 100% bonus on a deposit of $200. It also offers customer support and a variety of payment options are accepted. However, it does not support the French as a language option.

The websites listed above have been judged against 8 betting industry metrics. These include language options, promotional offers, and uninterrupted customer support, banking options, payout speed, frequency of events held each year, live betting options and whether or not the customers are given access to live streaming of these events.

Comparison – Which Betting Website Is Better?

The reason why Betway made it to the top spot is that it outperformed all others in all these departments whereas 10Bet underperforms in all of them. 888sport hits really close with Betway, in fact, it outperforms Betway in many ways. However, since it has a very strict bonus policy and does not offer much in this department, it was ranked at the second spot. Similarly, Bet 365 and William Hill closely compete with each other for the 3rd and 4th spot but both of them perform well in some aspects and lag behind in others. Since preference was given to the one whose bonus policies and banking options were better, Bet 365 made it to the third spot.


Although there are another esports betting websites out there that make a lot of promises the ones listed here have truly proven their services over time.