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Consulting business requires evolving with the trends, thus making the right move at the right time. As the industry is dynamic, relying on new tools to constantly improvise your business efficiency is necessary.

Unlike other businesses, consulting requires multiple software, and most importantly, one among them is top project management tools.

Like real-time collaboration and versatile reporting functions, various benefits make the project management software a priority among successful consultants.

Here’s a list of the top 5 project management tools exclusively for consulting firms explained briefly.


MeisterTask is specially designed for agile consulting teams. As every task is interrelated, this project management tool offers cloud-based connectivity.

Besides, it provides a seamless collaborative environment to facilitate the increase in efficiency among the team members.

Interestingly, it provides features for task delegation to assign respective employees to a specific task. This way, you can avoid confusion regarding dependencies.

MeisterTask salient features are

    • Flexible project dashboards to create tasks, check the status and monitor progress.
    • Comprehensive resource management features to understand your employees’ working efficiency.
    • Offers project planning & mapping tools like Kanban board, milestones, Gantt charts for analyzing the project.
    • Integration with CRM software and Google Drive.


If you have a small consulting agency, then Mosaic fits your budget perfectly.

Remarkably, Mosaic offers a client-based data analysis to enhance the quality of work from time to time.

It has numerous task management tools, from note-making to scheduling the tasks for your colleagues.

You can instantly share the notes, documents, minutes of the meeting, and project scope using this top project management tool.

Mosaic salient features are

    • Unique budgeting tools that concentrate on framing a real-time budget for all your projects.
    • Task creating and prioritization widgets based on the importance serve you the purpose rightfully.
    • Monitor the project progress in terms of task completion, expenses, and duration left rapidly.


An all-in-one software is a surprise package for any business. Likewise, NetSuite is an expert in resource management for your consulting firm.

It offers a plethora of features that accelerate your business growth exponentially.

The best thing about Netsuite is its invariable integration with accounting, finance, and CRM software that supports numerous NGOs within a single tool.

NetSuite salient features are

    • It offers a 360-degree view of the expense, portfolio, and time spent.
    • Establishes roles for users and assign them to work accordingly.
    • Send alerts to you with instant notification on the project progress and resources.


Paymo is a top project management tool designed especially for remote teams. With its easy to use templates, you can develop your project dashboards within minutes.

It is a modern tool with mobile device integration, allowing you to work anywhere and anytime.

Surprisingly, it identifies the project bottlenecks and helps you overcome all of them at the initial stages of the project.

Paymo salient features are

    • Elaborate reporting tools on timesheet, expense, portfolio, and budget.
    • Real-time analytics are mailed to you on a weekly and monthly basis.
    • It syncs with the calendar, thus providing you a bird’s eye view of the project.


Taskeo has widgets and plugins that fit the need of any consulting firm.

Firstly, it offers a virtual workspace that brings all your colleagues on the same page for the meeting, scheduling, brainstorming, and progress monitoring.

This top project management tool has plugins for recurring tasks to avoid wasting time on manual feeding functions.

Taskeo salient features are

    • Have burndown charts to preview estimates and the progress of your project.
    • Drop quick notes to the team and later convert them to tasks.
    • Smart search for your queries and get the solutions with a flash of seconds.

The Bottomline

Project management software is of great help when you are working with one client or multiple clients simultaneously. Besides other business consulting software, consider choosing the right project management tools to manage your tasks and projects skillfully.

If you are using one already, then tell us how it simplifies your business?