When going for windows replacement or installation in your home, you will be presented with many options. You can choose from:

  1. Aluminum Windows
  2. Fiberglass Windows
  3. Wooden Windows
  4. And Vinyl Windows

However, the best of these options are the vinyl windows. If you are unsure of why we’re saying so, go through the numerous reasons why vinyl windows fare better than other types.

They are Durable

Once installed, vinyl windows can last up to 30 years easily which is quite a long span of time. They’re corrosion-resistant and their color never fades, unlike aluminum windows, which corrode and change color over a certain period of time due to age and usage.

In addition to this, vinyl windows have the ability to survive all kinds of weather, be it rainy, snowy, cold, hot, or extreme temperatures, and still look as good as new. The chemical dyes used in manufacturing vinyl windows are durable enough to have a long-lasting impact on the windows’ strength.

Vinyl windows can easily weather the stormy conditions and survive all hardships thrown due to subtle climate changes occurring across the globe. Therefore, if you are looking for a strong ventilation partner to last you for more than 2 decades, get yourself the vinyl windows.

They Are Low Maintenance & Easy To Clean

In contrast to the wooden and aluminum windows which take quite a lot of time and effort to be cleaned, vinyl windows can easily be wiped off a damp cloth. You can also spray a glass cleaner on them and then wipe them with a sponge and they’ll be cleaned as new.

Due to their texture and crystal clear surface, any dust particle which lands on vinyl windows cannot remain hidden from the naked eye. This makes it easier for cleaners and homeowners to easily spot the dust and clean the windows.

Other types of windows which are unable to reflect the dust accumulated in their corners and edges due to their dark colors and material. Wooden windows, specifically, can become the home of dust mites and allergies.

Similarly, aluminum windows require special chemicals for cleaning their surface, thus proving that none of the window material types can beat the ease of cleanliness which comes with vinyl windows. So, if you are a homeowner who is cleanliness conscious, your go-to choice must be vinyl windows.

They Have A Better Finished Look

Believe it or not, vinyl windows offer one of the best-finished looks as compared to other window types. Initially, vinyl windows could only be installed in white color. However, with the passage of time and progress in the window replacement industry, many vinyl window manufacturers now offer a wide variety of colors. Homeowners can now get their vinyl windows painted with colors of their choice.

Additionally, some window replacement companies offer grain laminates and other custom painting options. Be sure to check with your windows replacement peeps what offers they have in and avail them to create the classy finishing look for your vinyl Windows.

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They Are Energy-Efficient

Vinyl windows have the best insulation properties amongst all of the window frame options. These windows are manufactured with such chemicals such as Argon which help prevent excess heat from entering your home during summers and keep heat from escaping during winters. Thus, maintaining the interior temperature of your home a lot more pleasant. It puts lesser stress on your heating and cooling system which is reflected in lower energy bills.

They Are Budget Friendly

Vinyl windows are the cheapest of all window types. Since they are made out of a form of plastic, they cost half as much as wooden windows, 30% less than fiberglass windows, and a lot less than aluminum windows. Vinyl windows are good for people looking for cost-effective solutions in a limited budget.

Good Return on Investment

According to statistics, windows offer the highest return on investment (ROI) to their user, which is measured around 74%.

Vinyl windows are a great choice if you want value reciprocated for every dime you spend on getting the manufactured and installed.

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They Rarely Need Renovation

Vinyl windows once manufactured and installed, rarely need to be renovated. Unlike other window types such as wood and aluminum, vinyl windows don’t corrode or get damaged due to environmental conditions and thus, need no repainting or fixing.

Additionally, vinyl windows are usually double-paned which makes their glass less prone to breakage.

They Offer Variety Of Styles

The last reason why vinyl windows are a great choice is that they offer various styles of window frames. These include single slider tilt, double slider tilt, awning, casement, and picture; single-hung, double-hung, bow windows, bay windows, and hopper, etc. Most other window types offer only one style, the fixed windows. If we contrast this with the variety of styles Vinyl windows offer, then vinyl windows have an obvious edge.

Moreover, many windows replacement companies offer custom-shaped designs for vinyl window frames. They allow their customers to have vinyl frames built-in shapes of their choices which is quite a liberating option.

Therefore, if you wish to add versatility to your home’s windows designs, then vinyl windows are what you should get.

Choosing the best window frame for your home design is a thoughtful decision. While many people like to go with classic wooden frames, others simply prefer vinyl frames. This is because vinyl frames are not only cost-efficient, energy-efficient, durable, and versatile and eye-catching but also kind of a one-off investment.

Not everyone can keep spending huge amounts of money every 5 years. Most people are humble income earners and seek long term, yet aesthetically pleasing solutions which are also easy to maintain. Vinyl windows fit this description perfectly and if you are somewhere near Etobicoke looking for good windows replacement companies, then go for Northshield Windows and Doors Inc.