Not very long ago, people used to rely on credit cards only as a fast casino payment method. Nowadays there are plenty of options and everything is just a few clicks away.

Over the years, these casino payment methods have seen a great improvement and so players’ trust in them has also increased.

1- Bank Cards

Using bank cards as a payment method has always been very popular. That trend has not changed in 2021 as most people still prefer bank cards for their payments. Mastercard and Visa are the two main card issuers and payment processors around the world.

Players in the United States often prefer to use American Express while people in Europe tend to use Maestro for their casino payments.

  • Credit and Debit Cards

Credit cards and debit cards are the fastest and easiest payment options for players. All one needs to do is enter their card details and the transaction is done.

However, the problem with this method is that not all banks allow credit card payments to casinos. As credit cards allow players to make transactions without credit, they run the risk of losses. Therefore, many banks don’t allow payments to casinos, and there have been plenty of cases where credit cards were blocked indefinitely. So, it is always wise to check whether the bank allows casino payments or not.

The UK has recently implemented a strict policy in this regard as they have banned all credit card transactions at UK casinos. Someone who is currently residing in the United Kingdom can only use a debit card.

2- E-wallets

The use of e-wallets or digital wallets is increasing nowadays. Using only a phone or a desktop device, one can make transactions and exchange value, without going through all the trouble of opening a bank account.

Following are some of the most famous e-wallets that are used around the world:

  • Paypal 

Paypal is the most trusted digital wallet in the world. More than 300 million people use the services of Paypal to make their payments. The American company was first established in 1998 as Confinity.

Anyone can make a Paypal account with an email address, and use it as an e-wallet or link it with a bank account.

  • Skrill: 

Skrill is one of the oldest electronic money services, with the digital wallet first starting in 2001. It can boast over 30 million users and operates in more than 120 countries.

Skrill is especially attractive for casino players as it offers instant deposits and also aids other sensitive transactions that many banks often don’t allow. No wonder, the number of Skrill casinos is increasing in the world.

  • Neteller: 

If someone wants convenience and ease of use, then Neteller is the best. It offers its services in over 200 countries and was first started in 1999. One can use Neteller for mobile payments, peer-to-peer transactions, or casino payments.

Neteller offers speed and safety. A player only requires a unique ID plus identification code for using the services of Neteller.

  • ecoPayz: 

ecoPayz is not as famous as the above-mentioned digital wallets. However, its services are worth considering for players. Firstly, it is super easy to deposit funds plus one won’t have to worry about fraud or confidentiality issues using ecoPayz.

Opening an account on ecoPayz takes no more than a few minutes and doesn’t require any bank checks.

3- Cryptocurrency: 

People nowadays prefer more privacy and anonymity, and for that cryptocurrency seems the best. This is the reason that the number of cryptocoin casinos is rapidly increasing.

Cryptocurrencies are believed to be fully anonymous; however, that is a myth. But still, compared to other payment methods, cryptocurrencies are the best for privacy and anonymity.

Cryptocurrencies make use of blockchain technology for approval, storage, and verification of transactions. But they still leave a paper trail. That is the case with Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin.

However, blockchain technology has been improved over the years and now there are coins like Dash and Monero that hide the destination of the deposit and the amount of money transferred, etc.

One can also use cryptocurrencies for their online sports betting, and for punters, this payment method has made the popular Premier League goal leaders prediction so much easier and convenient.