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There are no permanent tips on how you should play poker. Yet, to be a guru and make huge sums out of the game, you need to horn your skill. It would help if you also had a unique winning strategy in your online gambling arsenal.

As a newbie, your strategies will determine whether you turn the game into profits or you quit. Below are some top two tips that you must master at the beginning of your poker journey.

Be Aggressive 

Whether you are playing online poker or live gambling, there is one rule of thumb, to win more, you have to bet more! Most newbies tend to be cautious with when what, and how they should bet.  As you nurture your poker skills, you will notice that aggression pays more in poker.

The aggression strategy requires that you have solid opening hands. For example, when dealing with high pairs like A-K or even A-Q, you can bid higher amounts for the greatest returns. You could also try gamers in Judi online with weaker holding out, forcing them to cough up and stay in play in a game of full tables.

One most important strategy in being aggressive is using your cards well. Try to push as many players out as early as you can. The higher the number of people you have in the pot, the lower the returns you expect. So you must take advantage of and reduce the number by up to four people.

Remember, other players also want to do the same, so you should be careful and timely. Cautious play labels you as the weaker player on the table. If you are so conservative with your bets or raise, you will get pushed out with more potent players.

Observe and Learn Your Opponents 

In poker, the general rule is that you play your opponent and not their cards. In every game, you only have a good or bad hand, depending on what cards other players have in hand. For example, K-K is a winning card, but if your opponent has A-A, your probability of losing is above 82%.

The biggest challenge here is what the other guys hold. You can tell on their cards by observing their pattern of play. Here are scenarios that can help you detect another player’s next move and what to do.

  • When they retreat, playing with big hands means they are keeping their best cards for a kill. At this moment, you need to be cautious with your Aces.
  • A player may make big bluffs trying to colonize your pots when big cards are in play. This means that they have a chance of winning or taking advantage of the situation. To counter such scenarios, you might raise or make a call on their bets. Do this with the knowledge that 10-10 cards are rare in hand.
  • A player may also call from the beginning then and make a sudden significant raise. It means that they most likely have an unbeatable hand. Here you could make a move to cancel their advantage if you are still in a better position to do so.

Bottom Line

There are several tricks that you could use to win games in poker. Some of them are self-taught, while some, you learn from the masters. The tips we have above will be of great significance when you start playing poker.