There’s no doubt that being arrested for driving under the influence is serious. If you should end up with a conviction, the consequences could affect you for a long time. That’s why, Toronto DUI lawyers stress the need to plan a defense carefully. Without it, the odds of a conviction are much higher. Here are some examples of what to expect if you are convicted.

A Conviction and Your Livelihood

The impact on your ability to learn a living can be significant. It’s not unusual for employers to include provisions in employment agreements that allow termination if the employee is convicted of a crime. Make no mistake about it; driving under the influence is a criminal offense. If your employment contract includes dismissal for a criminal conviction, you may be out of a job.

Even if your employer does not let you go, the chances of being promoted may be lessened. Attempting to seek employment with a different company isn’t likely to improve the odds for advancement. A quick background check will reveal the conviction and likely put a stop to any talk about getting hired.

Your Ability to Maintain Auto Insurance

A conviction could cause your current insurance provider to terminate the coverage at once. It could also mean that you don’t have the opportunity to renew the coverage at the end of the current term. You’ll still likely find some provider to insure you, but it will come at a price. Expect to pay higher premiums for quite a few years before the impact of your conviction begins to dissipate.

Your Driving Privileges

In some instances, you may not have to worry about auto insurance for a time. That’s because the court will decide part of your punishment will be a temporary loss of your driving privileges. With the inability to drive your vehicle, it will need to remain in the garage until the court is ready to allow you back on the road.

The circumstances may lead to a permanent loss of your driving privileges. If that happens, you’ll need to find long-term solutions for getting around. That may mean having to move to an area where public transportation is readily available or establishing accounts with cab services or rideshare companies.

Your Social Life

When you think of the most common DUI effects, the impact on your social life may not come to mind immediately. Over time, it will be obvious that it does make a difference. Until you’re allowed to drive again, meeting people and attending social events will be more difficult.

Even after you can drive again, it’s possible for the conviction to interfere with making new friends or establishing romantic connections. Today, it’s not unusual for people to research new acquaintances using different online strategies. If a search uncovers your conviction, that may bring the budding relationship to an end.

You stand to lose a lot as a result of a DUI conviction. That’s one more reason to work closely with your legal counsel and hopefully get the charges dismissed. Follow your lawyer’s advice and the chances for a better outcome will be much better.