Today, Instagram has become the queen of all social media apps. Many customers are spending a lot of time on Instagram. People are obsessed with seeing the visuals posted by businesses, friends, family, and acquaintances. When you use the Magento Instagram, it will fetch the images that are on Instagram and create a wonderful Instagram shop in the Magento store, which will boost the number of customers to the store and so the sales.

Many companies offer Magento Instagram integration. You can choose the best company to get this integration done successfully.

You can fetch the images, approve those images, and edit them.

You can also have a design pop-up to show Instagram images. With the drag and drop pins, you can see the hotspots on the pictures. Based on the statistics, it is clear that around 800 million users would be using Instagram across the globe, and daily, 500 million are active on this social media app. These statistics will indicate that Instagram to be the ideal platform for businesses to promote their products and increase the sales figure. The Magento Instagram extension developed would fetch the Instagram images and let you create a beautiful and appealing Magento Instagram shop. You can now promote the product of the store, gain traffic, and increase the conversion rate.

The Magento Instagram would integrate Instagram with the Magento eCommerce store. You can keep the Instagram content up-to-date using hashtags or with the help of the username on the store. You can advertise the products with the help of Instagram images. The best part is that you can set hot spots on the pictures of Instagram. You can perform indirect marketing using a hyperlink of the product feed along with the hotspots.

If there are more followers for the brand, it will create a positive impression of your business in prospective customers’ minds. The image pop-up would describe the product, and the follow button would let people follow you on Instagram.

You can use the Magento Instagram plugin by adding the user access token. You can set the number of products you would like to showcase on the Magento store, fetch images, and set the hotspots. You can now easily create an appealing Instagram shop with the help of the Magento Instagram feed extension.

Benefits of using Magento Instagram extension

Hashtags or username

You can add hast tags or usernames to keep the Magento store’s Instagram content fresh and up-to-date.

Display the CMS page

You can showcase the Instagram images on any of the CMS pages of the Magento store.

A single click to fetch images

The admin can get the images and update them in the Magento store with just a single click.

Drag and drop mechanism

You can use the drag and drop pins to set up the hotspot position in the backend and display those hotspots in the frontend automatically.

Count the likes and comments

When you hover on the images of the Instagram on the Magento CMS pages, it becomes easier for you to see the number of likes and comments you got.