If you are tired of walking into an outdated bathroom day after day and are dreaming of a lively makeover, you are in luck. Today, we present to you a bunch of inexpensive decorating ideas to give your bathroom a new modern look!

Go in for Bold Prints

If you thought it was impossible to create a design statement in a small bathroom, you are mistaken. Though decorating a small bathroom may be challenging, you can do so if you are willing to step out of your comfort zone. One simple and cost-effective way to glam up your bathroom is to go in for wallpaper with a bold print. This can instantly brighten and liven up the bathroom!


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Paint-free Bathroom Makeover

If you have a landowner who restricts the use of paint, you may find yourself in a fix when your mind is set on a bathroom makeover. Thankfully, your options to brighten up a room don’t end with just a can of paint. Shop online for attractive vinyl peel and stick sheets to give your bathroom an instant makeover. These stick-on decors are easy to place and reusable. It is an ideal option for those who do not want to use wallpapers to cover up an entire wall. The stickers stand up to moisture and are available in all shapes, colors, and designs. Pick one that you fancy!


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Throw in a Temporary Vanity

Is the old oak cabinetry in your bathroom beginning to peel? Are you not feeling it anymore? We have the solution for you. Whether you want to swap your bathroom cabinet for lack of space or to spruce things up, you may consider installing a temporary vanity with a stylish faucet. You can shop for modern styles in IKEA and most other home improvement stores. These vanity cabinets come in varying budgets and simple DIY instruction booklets!


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Quick Fixes

Your bathroom flooring can make your already small bathroom look smaller, especially if it is old or peeling. However, you can quickly disguise the floor a lot easier than you think. How? Use water-resistant vinyl floor clothing to make a custom mat. You can also go in for interlocking floor tiles in rubber that are available in an array of colors. Use some carpet tape to secure it on your floor to give your bathroom a superb makeover.


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Bring in Some Planters

There is no better way to add some pizzazz in your dull and drab looking bathroom than by the use of green plants. Head out to the local store and pick plants that suit your bathroom’s temperature and natural lighting conditions. A few plants can instantly brighten up your otherwise dull bathroom with texture and color.


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Refresh the Bathroom With a Splash of Paint

When decorating any room, a tub of paint is hands down a silver bullet in the head of the ugly. A fresh coat of paint in a bright color can magically transform a boring bathroom into a chic and modern set up. Add a round mirror after painting the bathroom to make it look more spacious.


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A DIY Feature Wall

If you love DIY projects, you will enjoy this one. This is a great way to put those creative juices into action. Turn a bare wall in your bathroom into your canvas and let your creativity get the better of you. Use stickers, wood panels, a wall painting, or anything you can think of to liven up the room. Do not limit yourself in terms of texture, sizes, or color. The more imaginative you are, the more fabulous your bathroom will turn out to be.


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Lighting Fixture Replacement

A quick change in your old fixtures can also do the trick. You can choose from practically an unlimited array of lighting fixtures available at most leading home improvement stores. Swap the dated fixtures with more trendy ones. If you haven’t done this before, you can call in the pros. But, most fixtures come with instructions that are easy to follow. The use of hanging pendants, light bars, and the best LED indoor strip lights is cost-effective and really cool.

Maximize Your Storage

Another quick way to give your bathroom a new look is to declutter. If you have a space constraint, there are several tips to maximize your storage options. You can add pull-out drawers, floating wall shelves, furniture style cabinets, and wall mounted baskets to hold your towels, linens, and other toiletries.

Upgrade Your Textiles

As you near the last stages of decorating your bathroom, it is time to consider upgrading the textiles in your bathroom. You will be surprised at how this can change the way your bathroom looks. Throw or donate any mismatched towels and invest in new ones. Buy a floor mat that coordinates with your sheets. Replacing your old shower curtains for something that matches the décor can also give your bathroom a fresh look. If you do not wish to stick to the same color scheme, you can buy a bright color curtain to add some pop to your bathroom.


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What better way to make your bathroom look bright and lively than accessorizing it? This can be done without breaking the bank. For an updated look, feel free to let your personality flow free while picking accessories to adorn your small bathroom. You can invest in coordinated soap trays, soap pumps, and toothbrush holders that can be put on display on your sink. A live plant or something in silk floral or even orchids in a vase can go on a shelf above the faucet to create a rustic look. You can also integrate elements such as a room fragrance diffuser or aromatic candles to make your bathroom smell and look fab!


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Armed with these simple tips, you need not be an expert to give your small bathroom an updated look. Let your creativity aid you in customizing these tips in making your bathroom look stunning all year round.