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When we browse online, it is common for countless ads to appear that offer the same promise: Make money online. In these cases, they are usually deceptive ads that take advantage of some users who genuinely seek to generate income online. 

However, there are real ways to make money online. They require skill on the part of the person, but they are ideal ways if you do not want to work in an office and generate your own income. Do not trust what offers you easy money. 

Write e-books 

The e-book market has exploded. If you like to write and have thought about writing a book, it can be published through Amazon’s Kindle program or Apple’s Connect, plus there are other options. It should be noted that books that tend to deal with a single topic and that help people in different ways are the ones that sell the most.  

Sell ​​audiobooks 

Have you already written an ebook? How about making it accessible to more people through the audio format? This is a simple way to generate money in a market that is getting bigger and bigger globally. Audible is one of the best-known platforms, but there are others where you only need professional audio of your audiobook being narrated. It is best if you have storytelling skills, but if you need help, you will have to hire someone. That would be a single investment. 


Experts point out that the podcast industry will grow a lot in these years around the world and be the focus for many brands that will seek to advertise. This opens up the opportunity for people to generate interesting audio content. Spotify is a platform for Podcasts, but there are also other options with your own audience. In fact, if you publish them in more spaces, you will be able to generate more money, but the idea is to find an exclusive space.  

Create an app 

If what you have is technological skills, creating an application may be a perfect idea. We are not referring to creating a platform that changes the world like Facebook (although if you have an excellent idea, it could take off), but to applications that can be useful for users and that can generate an income. This is primarily accomplished through advertisements, with the basics being pop-ups or ad bars. However, if the app is good and you know how to make money, you can do it in other ways.  

Create a blog 

This is a mission that can be complex, especially in this age when there is so much content on the internet. Building a blog is not an easy thing, but if done correctly, finding an audience willing to read the content that is uploaded can be a way to generate money. This can be achieved through subscriptions or through blog announcements. More and more people are willing to subscribe to websites, this being the best way to generate money. 

Make money playing online casino games 

Online casinos, which are found on review sites like casinotop, are the most prominent industry for making money with easy and straightforward methods. Various games are available online, like roulette, blackjack, poker, and other card games. You can play casino games anywhere, at any location at your convenient time. 

Auction things on the internet 

Another with which you can earn a lot of money. However, you need the right product and the necessary skills to reach the right market and get interested in your product. If you have others, you may not have as much audience, but it depends on the objects you can sell. Searching and marketing skills are needed for this, but it can be perfect if you become an expert.  

Rent your house on Airbnb 

You only need a house, the application, and rent either the entire space or a room. Although you won’t earn a ton unless you have ample space or multiple properties, it can be extra income. 

Sell ​​photos online 

No. We are not talking about an OnlyFans matter. Professional photographers can sell their images through different websites. Most are stock image sites that offer money in exchange, depending on the downloads. On the other hand, you can also search for clients that constantly require specific images.  

Offer a service like Uber 

Uber or any of the transportation services can be a way to earn the internet. On the other hand, the home delivery market will go up, so there will be different options.  

Sell ​​things on the internet 

Selling things on the internet is one of the best ways to earn money. It is basically a virtual store, and it depends on your skills and how much a business can grow. You can sell things on different online platforms, creating a website and optimal home delivery logistics. Of course, what matters is the product.