Employers, Employers, and Workers Compensation

Every employer must pay a portion of money into workers’ compensation for every employee every time that the employee gets a paycheck. Workers’ compensation is special insurance set aside for employees if they are hurt on the job. The types of on-the-job injuries are limitless, and we see a variety of different situations.

All of this sounds good and well. However, when it comes to any insurance company having to pay for a claim, that insurance company will not make your claim an easy process. No insurance company is going to pay any more money than they absolutely must.

Workers’ Compensation Attorneys and How They Can Help

Many employees tire of all the hoops they must jump through to receive compensation for a work-related injury. Our workers’ compensation attorneys can help you as we have hundreds of other employees hurt on the job. We have an extensive list of successful cases. Our questions are,

  • Is the insurance going to compensate you for someone’s negligence?
  • Was your company negligent in policy and procedure?
  • Why should you pay for someone else’s negligence? Sometimes you are the one at fault. Perhaps you were not paying attention and got hurt. Worker’s comp is still obligated to continue a portion of your wages if you cannot work.
  • Does the workers’ compensation offer you enough money to pay the mounting medical bills, living expenses, pain, suffering, and loss of wages?
  • Are you out of work due to work-related injuries?
  • Is this injury permanent?
  • Will you have ongoing medical treatment?
  • Can you ever work again?

No matter what your situation is, an on-the-job injury is upsetting. Situations can be a simple fix, or nothing can repair the damage, and the permanent injuries demand a lifestyle change. 

Our seasoned workers’ comp attorneys are fighting for your rights to receive a just and fair settlement. We have the experience you need to navigate the workers’ comp rules and regulations. We help you receive the benefits that you are entitled to receive. The following are all of the benefits that we work tirelessly to get you after a work-related injury. 

Know Your Workers’ Comp Benefits

Please meet with our seasoned attorneys to help you get all the benefits you deserve listed under the law. Are you experiencing delays in medical treatment appointments or a delay in payments to these providers?

Our firm helps you recoup wage losses from when your doctor took you off work or reduced your work restrictions. We help you receive just and fair compensation for mounting medical bills associated with your work-related injuries and lost wages.

  • You can get reimbursed for travel expenses to and from your doctor and medical-related appointments, such as ordered therapy when you travel over 20 miles.
  • You can get paid for a permanent injury of an injured body part.
  • You can get benefits from ongoing care. Are you facing possible permanent disability due to a work-related injury and need a settlement that helps you live the rest of your life?
  • Did you become ill from a work-related incident? You are due compensation.
  • Was your work-related injury due to the negligence of another employee or your company?

While most states have comparable rules and regulations, there may be some minor differences. Your comp benefits can help you if you know how to navigate the system for what you need help with after your injuries or illness. However, this depends on the state you reside in and work and your injuries.

Your workers’ comp insurance assures that you are reimbursed for related medical bills in addition to a percentage of your lost wages. However, long-term injuries are covered to pay for rehabilitation.

If you pass away due to a work-related injury or illness, then your spouse or children may be eligible for benefits. We work hard to ensure you receive the (all) benefits you or your survivors deserve.

There is a possibility that you could collect both workers’ comp and unemployment benefits simultaneously. 

Whether or not you can collect both worker’s compensation and unemployment benefits simultaneously depends on the state where you worked and your circumstances around the injury and your ability to obtain other work. Even though individual states set specific rules, workers’ comp programs are under the federal government. 

A Call to Action for Help with Worker’s Compensation Benefits

Our seasoned attorneys in Charlotte, North Carolina, have many years of experience helping employees or, in some instances, their families recoup the many benefits. You are entitled to wage loss benefits. These benefits help pay for on-the-job injuries or death through workers’ comp insurance.