You already know that finishing the basement is good for the home’s market value. While you do plan on selling the property someday, what can be done with the space in the meantime? The good thing is that finished basements are versatile spaces that can be used in just about any way that you can imagine. Here are some ideas to get those creative juices flowing.

Make It Into a Game Room

Set up space so that the entire family can use it to play all sorts of games. One area can be set up with tables and chairs that are ideal for playing board or card games. A larger screen and gaming consoles in another part of the space will work fine for all sorts of video games. You can even devote part of the space for things like putting together puzzles. Don’t forget to add some comfortable chairs that serve as ideal spots to work on crosswords or different types of word games.

Basements as Craft Rooms

You love arts and crafts, but there’s no place upstairs to leave your supplies and projects out. That changes when you convert the basement into a craft room. Install cabinetry and shelving that makes it easy to keep your supplies organized. A large table where you can layout projects will also make things a lot simpler. Remember that you need some type of seating that provides a reasonable amount of lower back support since you will be spending a lot of time on those projects.

Create the Ideal Guest Suite

Having a weekend company is great, but the sleeping arrangements could be better. It seems as if you sometimes give up your bedroom so the guests don’t end up sleeping on the couch. You may sometimes have the kids double up so a bedroom is free for guests. That can get exhausting after a couple of days.

Eliminate that sort of thing by doing what many homeowners have already done: convert the basement into a guest suite. These types of second suites can be outfitted with sleeping areas, sitting areas, and even private bathrooms. With the right layout and the perfect choices for the décor, you can bet that your guests will be comfortable. Best of all, you and your children all get to sleep in your own beds.

Or Another Bedroom for the Kids

While siblings often share bedrooms, it’s not unusual for the eldest child to begin feeling the desire for some private space. That’s where the idea of converting the basement into another bedroom makes sense.

The eldest child gets to enjoy the luxury of having a private bedroom and possibly get a taste of what living alone would be like. As the eldest child moves out, the next child in line can occupy the basement. When all the kids are out of the house, you might even consider renting the basement out and enjoying a little extra money each month.

There are many other ways to put the basement to good use. What would work for you? Call a contractor today and find out what it would take. The process of converting the finished basement may be easier than you thought possible.