Owing to the complicated nature of real estate dealings, it is probably not surprising that a real estate lawyer can provide critical legal support for one of your biggest investments you will make during your lifetime.  Additionally, having a real estate attorney available can be helpful for a variety of ongoing legal issues that revolve around property issues.

Whether you are buying your first property, or you own a housing complex with more than 100 rental units, having qualified real estate by your side provides you with the legal protection you need.  Indeed, competent legal representation can help in a myriad of different real estate proceedings in ways ranging from traditional real estate transactions to complex contract litigation.

Here in Southern Florida, we have tremendous real estate opportunities, and Florida real estate attorney Carlos M. Amor is standing by with vast experience in all aspects of real estate law and litigation.

What Does a Real Estate Lawyer Do for Their Clients?

When it comes to real estate ownership and property management, you want to be sure that you have dotted all the I’s and crossed all the t’s when it comes to drafting real estate contracts, and you must always assure that you are in compliance when it comes to dealing with your tenants.

Contract Review Services

The devil is in the details as they say, and for that reason, you will want qualified legal counsel on hand to review any pending contract prior to affixing your signature.  Drafting an ironclad contract requires the services of a real estate lawyer who is fully conversant in all aspects of real estate law, and that level of expertise is unavailable with a generic downloaded contract.  Our legal team is fully versed in Florida real estate law, and we can review and advise on any document before you legally commit yourself.

Deed Drafting Services

When it comes time to drafting and filing your new real estate property deed, you do not want any complications or delays in the critical process of assuring that your property ownership is properly and correctly registered on the local property rolls.

Contract Drafting and Disputes

Drafting legally binding contracts might seem a no-brainer what with instant access to a bevy of online legal forms.  Unfortunately, you can never be sure whether the wording of these vague templates won’t leave you open to legal exposure. A trained real estate attorney can draft a contract that will not only be legally binding, but can also defend against any challenges or breaches of the document so you can invest, rent, or sell any piece of property without the worry that your contract is unenforceable.

Foreclosure Defense 

Protecting what is yours means sometimes needing to mount a foreclosure defense in the event that you get behind with your creditors.  A seasoned real estate lawyer, such as we have here, can present a vigorous case on your behalf.  Prior to actually being served formal notification of foreclosure, there are steps that we can take to perhaps stop the process, and even after being served, you might still be able to keep your property.  Contact our team today to begin your foreclosure defense to forestall losing your most important and valuable asset.

Quiet Title

When it comes to property ownership, perhaps nothing can be more frustrating than dealing with a cloudy title.  A quiet title lawsuit can help settle those rival ownership claims.  While a quiet title suit might fail to clear all the claims clouding the ownership deed, a qualified real estate attorney can help identify, research, and remove ambiguous deed entries.

Tenant Disputes and Evictions

If you are renting units to tenants, it is inevitable that you will eventually wind up experiencing renter disputes as well as the possible necessity of moving forward with eviction proceedings.  In an adversarial relationship where your tenants are failing to pay the rent or maintain the property, time is of the essence.  Rather than dealing with the unpleasantness of the situation, and worry that any eviction is legally performed, having a skilled real estate litigator on hand is a valuable resource in these instances, so your property won’t further deteriorate while you lose out on rental payments.

Probate Proceedings

When someone dies in the Sunshine State with significant assets, those assets are subject to Florida probate proceedings.  The probate division, a special department within the state’s circuit court system, is tasked with identifying the decedent’s assets, ensuring that any outstanding bills are settled, and assuring that the remainder of the estate goes to the person’s rightful beneficiary.  Having a knowledgeable real estate attorney in your corner can help you better understand an already complicated process to enable family members to make informed decisions regarding their relative’s final wishes regarding the disposition of their property.

Call the Real Estate Legal Experts in South Florida

The role of a real estate lawyer is extensive for issues both big and small.  As mentioned, the complicated nature of contracts, tenant relations, deeds, and more can have a significant impact on your financial bottom line, so having a real estate attorney familiar with the law is a critical resource.  From probate proceedings to foreclosure defense, it’s important to have someone who understands the complexities that the law can bring. Make sure to seek legal representation from someone such as Florida real estate attorney Carlos M. Amor to explore your legal options.