The gaming market is one that is heavily based on tech, and so it is always evolving. That is illustrated by how online play changed the industry and how NJ casino apps came into being on the back of that. When you also think about mobile gaming, VR, and AR, then it is clear how vital constant progression is for this sector.

One recent innovation that might have caught your eye is Google Stadia. Launched in November 2019, it has started to build up a real buzz around it in gaming circles as more titles come online to play. But what should you know about this new kid on the gaming block?

What is Google Stadia?

Before we can go on to look at how this innovation will shake up gaming, it is wise to delve deeper into what Google Stadia offers. In simple terms, it is an online gaming platform that allows you to play video games on any screen you own over your internet connection. Google’s servers online handle all the processing and streaming requirements, thus leaving you free to enjoy whatever game you choose to play.

With Google Stadia, there are no game downloads needed, no installations, and no hard copies of games required. As long as the device you use has an internet connection and can run Chrome, you are good to go.

Google Stadia can be played through a TV (via Chromecast Ultra), certain smartphones, laptops, tablets, and desktop machines. Depending on your internet connection, games can be enjoyed in 4K resolution and surround sound at nippy 60 fps rates. Even if your internet is not fast enough to support all this, Stadia is still accessible to play on standard connections.

How will Stadia change the gaming sector?

While the above way of gaming might not seem a huge change, the reality is that it is likely to shake up how we play video games. At the moment, many people still game through consoles and use hard copies of games that are inserted into the machine itself. The launch of Stadia may well see people move away from this style of play, and hardware like game consoles will fall in popularity. Even those who game online via consoles may choose to move to an online platform like Stadia, rather than having to spend time downloading the titles they want to play.

The other significant way in which Stadia could shake up gaming is the choice and flexibility it will offer to players. Rather than being limited to the games you own (either hard copies or downloads), you will have a massive selection of the latest titles to enjoy every time you log into Stadia. That will make gaming much more fun and allow players to try out titles that they might not have been willing to pay to play.

In terms of flexibility, Stadia makes it simple to play online games from a whole host of devices, wherever you are. People will have greater access to play games and can log on for a session, even if the equipment they would normally use (like the main TV in a home) is not free. The net result will not only be a change in how we play but also more people will be attracted to gaming due to the convenience this offers.

How else could Google Stadia change gaming?

Many industry insiders are very excited about Google Stadia and believe it will revolutionize the whole gaming sector. To understand how big this could be, you need to get a grip on how it all works at present. You now have many different machines, consoles, platforms, and companies involved in offering video gaming to players.

All these various factions usually do not allow players to game on their rivals’ machines, platforms, or games. Stadia changes the whole structure of the industry by giving players just one single platform to use. If enough game developers get on-board, it would mean that you could play any title you like from one place – rather than needing one console for a specific game and another console for another game you like, which is exclusive to it.

A big leap forward in gaming

As the above shows, Stadia could alter how we play games and be the next step on from using smartphones to play games online. Of course, the big draw for many people will be the money they could save by gaming in this way.

With no need to update to the latest console every few years or buy expensive graphics cards to upgrade your PC for gaming, signing up for Stadia could reduce how much gaming costs. One thing is for sure – it promises to be a significant step forward as it develops into the future.