Over the past years, poetry has evolved into a more outstanding version. Poetry is a reflection of the person’s innermost thoughts and feelings that are transformed into beautiful and powerful words. But, due to technology, poetry has sort of lost its glory, and up to this date, no one can tell where poetry is headed. Is it moving in a forward direction, or has it been sidelined, and fewer people are showing interest in it? No one really knows.

There are those who claim that poetry is slowly losing its relevance in today’s society. Sadly, the effort is dwindling down when it comes to producing better content. These days, poetry can be likened to other disciplines where plagiarizing is getting rampant. What is being done today is rewording or copying of poetry on the internet or even a possibility to buy a paper online.

Gone are the days when people would use their creative minds to compose a beautiful poem that can be appreciated by the generations to come.

Poetry in the 21st Century:

No one can dispute that technology has a huge and positive impact on everyone’s lives. But, there is also a dark side to technology. Texts are getting anonymous, and there is a growing concern about the effects of the machine in the field of poetry. Machines downgrade poetry words into mere codes. Poetry comes with emotions, but because of technology, it has been demoted to just codes and void of any emotions.

Due to the advancement in technology, machines can now write poetry for machines. The poems that are written by machines are devoid of any human emotions, which is a far cry from what poetry is supposed to convey.

Since poetry is supposed to be created out of human emotions, that is not the case in today’s high tech world. Poetry in the 21st century has become faceless, nameless. Those poetries that are being published online are only replications, which are the greatest challenge in the 21st century.

Poetry in the 21st century can be likened to memes. In spite of getting viral online, the authorship remains anonymous. A lot of people change the original content over and over again until the original message of the poem has lost its true meaning.

Is there a growing trend in the 21st century wherein poetry is written by machines for machines? Contemporary poems revolve around the themes of life, love, and death. Not that the poems from the past have different themes, but those that are created now are reinvented to bring enlightenment to those teachers and students about prophetic messages in order to create order. The focus stems from old literature like Greek poetry tries to show that the old poetic convention is being modified.

The structure from which modern poetry is drawn is backed by both settings in the rural and urban areas. The methods that are used in modern poetry is qualitative in terms of concepts and words. All of these are achieved through paradoxical symbols, images, and verses.

Final Thoughts:

By using verses, images, and symbols, there is a new concept about love, life, and death in the 21st century, which are conveyed in poetry. Sadly, though, these poems are being replicated over and over again. True ownership of the original poems has become anonymous, which is brought about by technology.

Artificial intelligence has extended to poetry. It is now being written by machines that are entirely devoid of feelings. What makes it alarming is that it is indistinguishable whether the poem is written by humans, or is it written by machines?