Veterans have given their time and service to help protect innocent people, and, unfortunately, many of them are harmed and disabled during their years of service. To help benefit the men and women who have joined the armed services, the government has set up a “disability benefit” for veterans to receive a monthly payment to help them pay their bills. Therefore, VA disability rates play a crucial part in helping veterans plan out their livelihoods.

How Disability Rates Are Calculated

The VA determines the amount that veterans who have filed a disability claim will receive based on a couple of factors. Veterans will submit their own information that details the extent of their disability. They will include doctor information and will also submit claims about the type of jobs they can’t work due to the disability they obtained during their time in the service. The VA will also look at information from the military records to see how the disability was received and to verify all the claims about the extent of the disability and how it impedes on the veteran’s lifestyle.

The extent of the disability will ultimately determine how much the VA is going to pay to a veteran on a monthly basis. This can vary widely as it can vary from zero percent up to 100% of compensation pay. A veteran can receive up to $3,527.22 a month for their disability benefits, but they can’t receive money over that amount. Another main benefit of the disability rates that veterans receive is that their payments are tax-free.

Various Kinds Of Veteran Disability Claims

There are multiple different types of disability claims for veterans. Knowing which category you fall into can benefit you as you are filling out all of the necessary paperwork to receive your claim.

The different types of claims include:

  • Pre-Discharge VA Disability Claims
  • Pre-Service VA Disability Claims
  • In-Service VA Disability Claims
  • Post-Service VA Disability Claims

Determining which of these claims who fall under will help your process go more smoothly.

Different KInds Of VA Compensation

Just like there are multiple kinds of claims that veterans can make, there are also multiple kinds of compensation packages that veterans can receive.

These kinds of compensation include:

  • VA Disability Claims & Compensation
    • This compensation is intended to pay veterans for the loss of working time. They are granted during active military service if the veteran was injured or was sick for a specific time period.
  • Dependency & Indemnity Compensation
    • This compensation is paid to family members who are dependent on the earnings of the veteran
  • Special Monthly Compensation
    • This is a higher rate of compensation and is usually paid if the veteran has been injured so severely that they’re now reliant on someone else to take care of them.
  • Special Circumstances For VA Disability Compensation
    • A “special circumstance” can be accessed from veterans years after active service if a problem arises years later that is the result of their service.