Although traditionally, betting was always done in brick and mortar betting shops or at the events themselves, recently betting sites have been growing more and more in popularity.

A big reason for this is access to a much larger volume of markets much faster. When betting in shops, it is a lot easier to already know what you want your bet to be but online, you have all the time in the world to analyze the markets and the odds across a huge platform and slowly decide on the bet that you want.

However, there is the other extreme of this, which is people impulsively putting on bets. When watching a football match, for example, a fan might fancy a particular player to get booked because of how they are acting. Going on an online site and placing this bet is so easy and no real football fan would stop watching a game to go and place a bet like that in a shop, which is a big advantage for the betting sites.


Another reason for betting sites growing in popularity is the offers that are available on these sites. Placing bets in the shop, you will rarely get offers and your bet will just be your bet. With online betting sites, you can get much more bang for your buck, and in a community that is trying to make money off of the house, it is hardly surprising that punters will choose the more advantageous place to bet.

The offers on websites are very good and diverse. The best one that they will have will usually be the welcome offer, where you can at the very least expect your first deposit to be matched, but where you can also find risk free bets, which is when your first bet will be refunded in withdrawable cash if it loses, and free bets up to five times the value of your first deposit.

It is true that there are in shop betting offers, but it is much easier to find them online, and there is also more expectation for them online. The betting companies have little incentive to provide offers for a customer base that does not expect them, but online betting sites need the best offers in order to beat all the rival companies that are also offering these offers.

There is also endless variety and entertainment on betting sites. There is a reason that responsible gambling has introduced measures to let betters know how long they have spent on the site because people will forget how long it has been.

On an average betting site, you will have sports betting section, a casino and a live casino, slots, poker, bingo, and scratch card games. Most offer both real play and fake money play, and there are truly so many games to choose from. On the biggest sites, there will be over ten different versions of blackjack for example, with different side bets and ways of playing as well, like cash-out blackjack.

It is worth also mentioning the rise of social media. Betting companies are present on social media and will have offers on Twitter and Facebook, as well as interacting with fans and punters on these platforms. Skybet is such a company that does this, and they have a free 10-pound bet to be won every week as well as a service where you can request a specific bet. They credit the free bet directly into your online account, which is yet another reason to open an account on a betting site.