Fantasy sports is an emerging stream of sports that dates back to the 1950s. These are sports and games played via the internet. There are dedicated fantasy sports websites that host these games.,,, Telegraph Fantasy Cricket, Dream 11, and Cricket Web’s Fantasy Cricket are few among the most popular ones. Though fantasy sports are allowed by law to be played online, many countries prohibit legislation wagering over these sports.

The history of fantasy sports began with the first-ever fantasy sport surfacing in 1950. Fantasy golf was devised by Wilfred ‘Bill’ Winkenbach. In 1962, the first-ever fantasy football league was created, and in 1980 the first-ever fantasy baseball league called the Rotisserie League Baseball came into being. Thus, fantasy sports are sometimes referred to as roto (short form) or rotisserie too. Fantasy sports have seen a recent hike in their fan base. They have become quite popular, especially with traditional cricket sports fans.

There are many reasons which may justify the newfound love cricket fans have for fantasy sports.

It Helps Ease Frustration and Helplessness

One of the major reasons why cricket fans love fantasy sports is the disappointments that stem from the poor performance of real-life cricket teams. This disappointment, when channeled into one’s frustration, seeks to be eased. Thus a cricket fan may easily be tempted towards playing a fantasy sport and manage their emotions effectively. Apart from playing any kind of fantasy sport, many disheartened cricket fans end up playing fantasy cricket, which has gained so much popularity that Android has its fantasy cricket dedicated app. The feeling of helplessness which arises when one sees their team failing and can contribute nothing to their success can now be countered by playing the same game online with players of your choice and strategies of their mind.

Tit Serves More Live-In Action

Unlike the traditional cricket sport, fantasy sports have websites which offer intense competition, delegate authority to the players, and foster communication and friendship among players from around the world. They serve a more a ‘live in action’ kind of experience to their players. Fantasy sports prompt their players to partake actively in the game and make sure their team wins it, unlike traditional cricket. In a traditional cricket match, fans have got nothing much to do, really. They sit back passively, praying, and counting on others to play the game the right way.

Ability to Control and Customize

Fantasy sports delegate control to their players and let them customize their game and players as much as they want. This clearly explains the bent of cricket fans towards fantasy sports. Historically, cricket has seen rivals play each other and when a team loses against its arch-rival, it is not just a match that has been lost. Most of the time, it is like a mini-war that has been lost and fans’ emotions and moods are highly affected. Thus, the advent of fantasy cricket and other sports bring these fans’ fantasies of controlling their games and winning at them. While some of them might lose at it, those of them who win at these fantasy sports do end up living their dream, that is taking control of the game in their hands, making their strategies and winning it. Though there is still hope for the ones who lose, they could learn and do better the next time.

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Feeling of Euphoria

Another important and co-related aspect is the feeling of euphoria one gets when they win. Since cricket fans get disappointed after their teams lose in a cricket match offline, they get their gratification of winning the game by playing the fantasy sports.

Increased Knowledge About the Game

Apart from the illusion of control and the gratification, another reason why cricket fans are playing fantasy sports at such a fast growth rate could be their desire to learn about how the other games are played and what are the rules which govern them. Since cricket is also termed as a game of skill, the more sportsmen polish it off the ground, the better they perform in the field. Ideally, if a traditional cricket fan ends up playing fantasy cricket online, they do improve their education about the games’ rules and regulations. This might as well help them in cooling off their disappointment towards their team when it loses a certain match because now they know the game inside out.

Greater Sense of Involvement in Actual Cricket Series

Though now they have become more aware of the game and its rules, this, in turn, impacts their sense of involvement in the cricket series. They become more actively involved and educated fans than just the one who wishes a 6 on every ball thrown at the batsmen. Other than fantasy cricket, the traditional cricket fans can play any other fantasy and level up their knowledge about it.

Desire to Play In-Field

Last but not least, one of the reasons why cricket fans are turning towards fantasy sports could be the desire to play in the field not being fulfilled. Many cricket fans who grow in a household where cricket is worshiped wish to be a part of their national team. However, if this dream is not realized, these fans could turn to fantasy sports and specifically, fantasy cricket and thus play their dream game along with many other fantasy gamers online.

The effect of fantasy cricket on cricket fans has been quite the opposite as it would have been expected. While the sense of control and joy of winning could easily draw the cricket fan’s attention away from the traditional sport and shove their focus away towards various other sports, research shows it has not. No matter how many fantasy sports the cricket fans play online, their loyalty to their teams when it comes down to traditional cricket match streaming is still the same.

Fantasy sports are gaining popularity at a very high rate. Players from all around the world are taking part in games of their choices ranging from fantasy football leagues to fantasy basketball leagues. Statistics also reveal that a greater percentage of fantasy players are married and financially independent. Thus, they have all the time they need to play fantasy games online. According to recent reports, fantasy sports will continue to grow as an industry in the near future at a higher rate. All thanks to the digital era, which keeps innovating technology in new ways and pins all its consumers to their smart screens.