Starting a new small business can be challenging. While more traditional forms of marketing, such as handing out flyers and advertising in the local newspaper, can be helpful, these strategies are not as effective anymore. Business owners need to realize that it is time for them to expand on how they approach their target audience and attract new customers. Digital marketing offers a range of opportunities. With the internet at your disposal, using a service like the one offered at BroEssay can also help to automate many tasks that are involved with these marketing strategies.

How Digital Marketing Benefits a Business

Digital marketing involves a range of different techniques that essentially come together in order to help a business reach its ideal target audience. While local promotional techniques tend to target only those who are in town, digital marketing can target a much broader target audience. In turn, this helps a business tap into new areas where they can find more customers.

There are different types of strategies that can form part of a digital marketing campaign. This involves techniques like setting up a website for the business’s presence, all the way to outsourcing some tasks to a service to make things easier.

Let’s consider some of the benefits that digital marketing is able to offer a business:

  • Even though some marketing strategies that involves going online do cost money, the costs involved here is much lower compared to traditional marketing methods. There is no need to print physical flyers or posters, for example. Getting a publication up online is also generally easier and much more cost-effective compared to publishing an article about your business in a local newspaper.
  • The business gets to establish a portal for themselves online and then build upon their authority. This ultimately creates better trust around their brand.
  • With tools like Google Analytics and similar options, it is possible to learn much more about the ideal target customer compared to physical marketing strategies. Website tracking features allow the business to dive deeper and gain a much better understanding of what their customers want and how to close sales.

Research also supports just how important digital marketing is for any business today. According to one report, almost two billion individuals will purchase something on the internet by the end of 2019. In the United States alone, it is now estimated that approximately 80% of the population who have access to the internet will make an online purchase this year as well.

Another report shows us just how important it is to include social media as part of a digital marketing campaign. Facebook alone now has about 1.49 billion people who log in and use the app on a daily basis. An estimated 500,00 new user profiles are also created on this platform every single day.


The internet has changed how people buy and do research. The average consumer is far more likely to open up their web browser and search for a business in their local area, compared to looking through a newspaper or old phonebook. This is why digital marketing is something every modern-day business owner need to adapt in order to grow.


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