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If you’re looking to make your brand grow, one of the best ways to do so is through social media marketing. Brands understand the importance, and they know that in order to have a leg in the business, they need to use social media marketing and to grow their followers through or other means, especially on any major social media platform. There are many platforms to choose from there including Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook, and even LinkedIn, but the best social media platform for growing your brand is Instagram, for a good reason.

Instagram is one of the best social media platforms to grow, and since the beginning back in 2010, it’s had a large growth for the business, personal accounts, and other aspects. It is now a giant in the realm of social media, and you can use Instagram marketing to grow even larger. But why is it the best? We’ll tackle this here, and also tell you exactly why Instagram is the perfect place to grow a brand.

The Six Reasons Why Businesses Like Instagram Over Other Platforms.

There are a few reasons why businesses might choose Instagram over other platforms, and here, we compiled the top six reasons for choosing Instagram as a business.

It has a Large Pool of Users

For most businesses to grow, they need consumers and those who collaborate with them.

Right now, there are over a billion users on Instagram, so the sky’s the limit on the audience.

This is definitely spread out into different demographics; the shared number of organic users makes it a very easy place to grow.

It can be a place to get followers if you have a limited budget since it’s always growing.

There are a few benefits to Instagram’s larger interface, especially when growing a business, and those include:

  • The sheer span of people offers a larger target audience
  • You can grow your brand in different diverse demographics
  • You can get bigger connections
  • It’s easier to find others in the niche to connect with
  • You can collaborate with others to build one another’s brands and strategies

There are so many ways to network on Instagram as well that it’s easy to land proper marketing to the target demographics.

It also lets you build a community, even if it’s a big competition.

Also, the interface is mobile-friendly and is very simple to use. It’s primarily a mobile site, and they’ve managed to make it really user-friendly since they first started. So if you want an easy way to hit the target demographics, then this is how you do it.

2. They Have a Lot of Advertising Tools

They also make it very easy to advertise. It’s more than just sharing photos these days, but instead comes with a bonanza of features that are worth mentioning.

It is mostly promotional tools, and that, combined with good epigraphs, videos, and other visuals, it really makes it worthwhile to build this up. It also is easy to optimize, and you can learn from this to also optimize your Instagram strategies quite readily.

They also offer stories, which are better at reaching attention than normal advertising means. While they do disappear within 24 hours, it offers a way for you to beef up the visibility of your brand to the audience.

You can also make highlights out of these too, so if you want them to stick around longer like if you’re offering a collection, you can use this.

The best reasons for using stories is:

  • You offer teasers for new services, products, and even releases
  • You can show off important announcements, and the times and dates for this
  • They offer surveys and poll options to get preferences and feedback
  • You can enable links to social media, websites, and the like
  • It offers more conversation opportunities, humanizing your brand
  • You can also use live videos to drop new releases

There are also reels, which is another feature Instagram has that lets you make tiny ads that help boost your popularity.

They give the person every bit of information they need in very short amounts of time. Similar to TikTok, you have just 15 seconds to air this, so you can use this to create a quick and punching ad that really helps build creativity.

Reels do require some time to build concepts to really make them stick, but they’re perfect for brands who want to make their engagement soar.

Brands adore these for a variety of reasons, and that’s because:

  • Reels are permanently stored unless you choose to delete them
  • You get the right information in the least amount of time
  • You can find these in the Explore tab on Instagram, so it boosts your presence
  • You can share these Reels to stories and to the grid, creating a larger audience reach
  • Instagram also lets you target the right audience, letting you hit those that watch your reels, giving them more of your content

This is a fun way to boost your presence and is a good way to create the shortest videos.

There is also IGTV, which lets you make videos from 60 seconds to 60 minutes, and this alone also has an app that lets you pretty much watch videos like YouTube and other platforms.

There are a lot of great ways to use this, such as series videos, or even releases, and other content that makes people hungry for more!

Some ways you can use IGTV include:

  • Promotions of products
  • Demos of products
  • Interviews
  • Trade fair and event curation
  • Tutorials for products
  • Various behind the scenes
  • Reviews and audience highlights
  • You can also take Instagram Lives and permanently have them as videos on IGTV

There are also ads and promotions you can do on Instagram, which are the “sponsored ads” you see. They offer more engagement and reach a larger audience.

It also gives you more conversion options since it helps give your posts more reach and promotion. This is a great platform for any budget, and there are many benefits that this offers, improving the visibility and the engagement of your audience with this.

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3. It Offers More Direct Sales

It also gives you more chances to generate leads and convert them to sales too, since you can literally link products on Instagram posts. While not available in every country, this is a huge advantage for businesses. You can show off new products and get sales without needing to have customers search you, or even go-to stories.

Shoppable posts for example can directly advertise to others by tagging the products there with the different links as well. When they click on the links, they’re taken immediately to the product that they can purchase from you so long as you have the catalog along with the payment set up. You can even add these tags to sites on your reels, IGTV, Live videos, and also your stories too.

There are also links in the bio that you can have. By putting that in there, you can get audiences to go directly to your landing page or your website, building traffic to these pages too.

There are also the call-to-action buttons given to business accounts, where you can get people to reserve services or buy something now. It does need to have the affiliated site set up to do this, but for those who host events or webinars and want to start doing the advanced booking, this is a wonderful feature to try.

As you can see, there’s a ton of different ways to reach your audience, and ways for them to directly shop right there on Instagram.

4. It’s Similar to Facebook

Instagram has a different demographic, but it is not the biggest platform out there. That’s because Facebook has almost three times the number of users active at the moment. But with Instagram being used along with Facebook, you can actually link these accounts together to get the features to share and even cross-post from Instagram to Facebook at the same time.

You can also answer DMs on both sites, and also have promotions on both sides.

If you’re someone who hates having to navigate a bunch of different social media sites and deals with many pages, this is a great benefit.

Cross-posting also markedly boosts traffic to your site too, especially if you have different audiences that use one platform or another.

5. Instagram Is Easy to Master with the Fun Quotient

Instagram is based mostly on building what’s called the fun quotient of the people who use it. That means, the more you seem like a human, authentic, or relaxed with your brand, the more you’ll get content and followers.

For the best conversions, you literally need to connect with these people, such as through challenges, giveaways, hosting live sessions, and also offering content that is unique. The right strategies for hashtags offer you a bigger audience and more within the different limits too.

Instagram also lets you look at how you’re doing with the insights on their site too.

Insights are great because they help you figure out:

  • The best times to post and how much to posts
  • Which posts maximize engagement
  • How to plan out the platform
  • The best collaborators and where to find them
  • What the audience niche is
  • Which features work best for the marketing you do

6. It’s Perfect for Every Type of Business and Budget

Instagram is great because you don’t need to spend a bunch of money just to have a good brand presence, but rather, it just involves two things, which are planning, and time as well.

Being smart with the planning and putting in the time does boost conversions for the business and growing your brand through working with influencers or diversifying also works too.

It’s great because you can invest where you want to build the brand a bit faster, or you can decide to organically build the brand.

Whatever you choose to do, remember you’re the one in control!

If you don’t have much money, that’s fine, you can grow it naturally or through collaborations with like-minded people.

If you do have a bigger budget, you can always pay more to grow.

But it’s pretty easy to monetize the presence, and you can do it how you want without violating the terms of service.

So really, whether the sky’s the limit or you’re trying to scrape by, know that Instagram is pretty easy to grow as a brand, and there are a lot of great ways for you to do so as well.

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In Summary

With that said, Instagram is definitely a great marketing place for pretty much all kinds of business, and with the cross-platform options, it’s definitely a beneficial one.

There are many tools here including scheduling posts, replying to posts automatically, and even ways to also plan out content, you have a lot to work with.

They also have a good way to comb out the bots and the fakes too, offering a legitimate place to really harness and grow your business.

If you want to start building engagement in real time, you’ll be able to do this as well, and slowly but surely, you can boost the presence of your brand.

Instagram is a great place, since you can build conversions, engagement, and also improve the presence you have in the social media world, boosting your brand instantly.

Remember though, the best way to do this is to get your presence up, so make sure that you do properly invest, hit the right targets, and see for yourself just what you can achieve by doing this! Remember, your presence is power here, and while Instagram is the best place to do this, remember you do need to use it wisely in order to generate success.