Grey’s Anatomy was one of the most successful medical dramas on modern television. Running for 15 seasons, it tackled topics that were once considered taboo, including rape, domestic violence, and police abuse. The series also trained the spotlight on the challenges faced by the US healthcare industry.

However, let’s face it. Fans tune in to the show to know if Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo) will end up with Derek Shepard (Patrick Dempsey).

But there is another way how the show became influential. It manages to make the uniforms worn by the doctors and nurses seem sexy. Simply type on Google “Grey’s anatomy scrubs sale” and it will yield more than half a million results. It shows that people do want to imagine themselves in one of these episodes, perhaps playing Meredith trying to find their own Derek.

There are plenty of medical scrubs being sold online, but if you are looking for an authentic Grey’s Anatomy ensemble, you only go for one brand–Barco Uniforms.

What is Barco?

Back in 2006, Barco collaborated with ABC to produce the scrubs worn on Grey’s Anatomy. But credit to the medical apparel brand, it managed to make the uniforms fashionable. The fit is loose enough to allow freedom of movement. However, the scrubs also highlighted the curves in all the right places.

In fact, the scrubs earned the “Amazon’s Choice” title since real-life medical professionals loved it so much. You earn the title when there are minimal product returns or when the item consistently receives high ratings and excellent reviews.

In the end, the partnership benefited both parties. Barco managed to make the actors on the show look good, and Grey’s Anatomy helped boost the revenues of the manufacturer.

Reasons to Choose Barco Scrubs

However, fantasizing about being one of the characters in Grey’s Anatomy is one thing. But translating that fantasy in real life is another.

When you are looking for Grey’s anatomy scrubs for sale, why should you choose Barco?

According to Amazon reviews, here are why medical professionals choose the scrub for their workwear:

  1. The fit is flattering — The loose-fitting fit helps people who are a little bit plump in the middle. The scrub manages to hide the flaws.
  2. The fabric is almost wrinkle-free — You do not need to iron the scrub every time you need to use it. Just throw your uniform in the dryer and push the regular setting button, and it will come out wrinkle-free.
  3. The scrub is soft — Some scrubs can be stiff and itchy on the skin. The fabric of this authentic Grey’s Anatomy uniform is soft. A fabric conditioner is enough to have you feeling comfortable all day.
  4. They last a long time — The material really holds up well, which means they will last a long time. You do not have to replace your uniform every few months, saving you a lot of money.

Finally, the brand offers plenty of choices in terms of design and style. Fans of the show marvel at how everybody seems to be fashionable and producers of Grey’s Anatomy can thank Barco for that. On the upside, you can also buy a genuine product that will mask your flaws and highlight your assets. After all, there is no rule against looking good in hospitals.