Pristyn Care has the latest and most advanced treatments for treating various diseases. Our trained and dedicated doctors aim at providing the best treatment to the patients. Piles can be treated with medications and taking precautions in daily life in the first stage. But after that, when hemorrhoid has enlarged in size, surgery is required to get rid of piles. Pristyn Care uses the most advanced pain-free laser treatment for treating piles.

Why should you consider Pristyn Care for Piles laser treatment?


  • No cuts, incisions or stitches required for the Laser Surgery.
  • Completely pain-free. No pain during or after the Laser surgery.
  • 100% success rate. Piles do not recur after the Laser surgery.
  • No restrictions on diet after the surgery.
  • Rest of 24-36 hours after the surgery. Can resume normal life and work routine after the rest period.
  • No risk of infections.
  • No blood loss during the treatment.
  • Free follow-ups with the doctor after the surgery. No consultation fee is charged for follow up appointments.

Swelling or inflammation of veins, blood vessels, and tissues around the anal area is called piles. It is a very painful and common disease these days. In India alone, there are approximately 10 million cases of piles each year. The blood vessels in the lower rectum region and abdomen area stretch to a very large extent. Due to that, the blood vessels get bulging and irritated and causes piles. Piles further result in blood in stool and pain while passing stool.

Stages of Piles

Grade 1 of Piles- The disease can be treated by taking prescribed medication in the first stage of the disease. Although, piles is not generally diagnosed in the first stage as there are no symptoms of the disease.

Grade 2 of Piles- In the second stage, the size of hemorrhoid increases. Due to a lot of pressure exerted, hemorrhoid protrudes out from the anal opening at the time of passing stool. However, hemorrhoid goes back inside on its own after the bowel movements.

Grade 3 of Piles- hemorrhoid bulges out of the anal opening at the time of bowel movements and has to be gently pushed back inside using fingers after passing stool.

Grade 4 of Piles- hemorrhoid remains bulging out of the anal opening all the time. It is very uncomfortable for the patient and may hurt too.

Causes of Piles

Piles can be either be external or internal. Just like the name says, external piles are located externally, where they can be easily seen while internal piles are found inside the anus. Internal Piles are found far inside the rectum and are not visible to the eye on the external diagnosis. In most cases, internal piles are not painful because very few nerves are found in that area. Because of very fewer nerves present in the rectum area, there is no or very less pain or sensation there. Blood in stool or tissue paper is the common symptom of internal hemorrhoids.

On the other hand, external piles are generally found around the anal opening, generally under the skin of the anal opening. These piles can be very painful because there are many pain-sensing nerves located there. External piles are visible, and a lump like structure can be felt near the anal opening in the serious stages of the disease. If left untreated, the size of the hemorrhoid increases and also protrudes out from the anal opening.

Piles are commonly found among people of various ages these days. There are various reasons for the occurrence of piles. Common causes of piles are:

  • Passing hard stool
  • Sitting for a toilet seat for a long time or Straining during bowel movements.
  • Pregnancy
  • Sitting for continuous hours on hard surfaces
  • Obesity
  • Chronic Constipation
  • Constant Diarrhea

Symptoms of Piles

  • Blood in stool or toilet paper.
  • Redness, itching, irritation, pain, or discomfort around the anal area, especially.
  • Painful, visible lump near the anal opening.

Visit Pristyn Care for the most advanced treatment of Piles

There are various treatments available for different stages of the disease. First and second stages of piles can be treated with medication, following a prescribed diet, and altering daily lifestyle habits. In the case of Grade 3 and Grade 4 of piles, hemorrhoid has to be surgically removed. There are different treatments available for the surgical removal of piles. Earlier, conventional surgery for piles was open surgery. The open surgery was a painful surgery in which the patient remained in pain for several days and had to stay in bed for several days after the surgery.

Pristyn Care provides the most advanced and pain-free laser surgery for piles. The laser surgery is performed in less than 30 minutes. There are no incisions, cuts, or stitches done during the surgery. No blood loss and zero risks of infection with laser surgery. There will be no scar after the laser surgery. The laser surgery has a very less recovery time of just 24-36 hours after the surgery. The patient would be able to walk on his own feet and can resume normal daily routine after the rest period. There is no restriction on a diet after the surgery.

Visit Pristyn Care for the best consultation if you are suffering from piles. Our doctors will provide the best advice and treatment suitable for the patient. A thorough diagnosis is made, and then the patient has suggested the best suitable treatment or medication.