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There have been a number of arguments put forward against private tutoring for children as some believe that it is using affluence to gain an unfair advantage. However, there are cases when a child might especially benefit from using a private tutor. If a parent believes that their child could learn more from extra-curricular sessions, it should surely be their choice to make that decision. There are plenty of affordable services available, whether online or face-to-face, to suit most budgets. An estimated one in four parents pay tutors to coach their children for a period in the UK – mostly ahead of important exams. 

Private tutors can cater to children with health condition that causes them to miss out on long chunks of the term. They can also benefit those with special needs or children who would simply perform better with extra assistance. 

It may be that your child does not respond well to a certain teacher, although the general quality of teaching at the school is high enough to merit staying there. Some teachers are perfectly skilled but have a style that is not suited to everyone. Children can respond badly to this, and it can make the difference between them excelling and losing interest in a subject. At this point, it can be up to the parents to intervene, and private lessons are a simple solution to the problem. Home tutoring offers the perfect opportunity to fill in any gaps. 

Home tutoring is not for everyone. If it is causing your child to become tired or they are not responding well to it, you have the option to stop at any point. In the initial consultation, it is important to inform your tutor of your child’s personality traits and learning habits. Relaying any information that has been included in teachers’ reports can also make it easier for private lessons to take off. It is best to choose a highly rated and experienced tutor that has passed the relevant background checks and can adapt to your child’s preferred learning style. 

Improve Your Child’s Confidence 

A child’s confidence will soar with every exam paper aced. An experienced tutor can take this newfound confidence and turn it into a work ethos that can propel them towards success. Often, reserved children are reluctant to put their hand up in class if they don’t grasp a concept. This will never be the case in a one-to-one session. Worries about fitting in with peers will be absent, and the sessions can provide a calm space to ask any questions that spring to mind.  

Help With Critical Thinking 

Education is not just about ticking boxes to get high grades, although this is how the system is set up. It is also about pupils understanding multiple layers of the world they will grow up in. Problem-solving can help them to overcome any hurdles that could block their chances of success as they grow older. This is something that will help them out in all future jobs. 

Detailed Feedback 

A tutor can provide in-depth feedback and expand on this in future lessons. There just isn’t the time for this in the average-sized classroom in the UK. 

Prevents Your Child From Falling Behind 

If your child is developing skills at a slightly slower rate than other pupils, for whatever reason, a home tutor can help to remedy this. From primary to secondary school, every stage is important in your child’s development, and falling behind can be a major issue. Poor marks can affect a child’s self-esteem. A good tutor can dig deep into any issue causing particular problems and use further reading to expand on this, if helpful.  

Provides a Healthy Relationship 

Home tutoring can involve striking up a bond with the pupil, encouraging them to feel more confident with the learning process. They can find the strengths in your child that the other teachers are not picking upon. A tutor may be able to instill a learning ethos into your child that would not have been possible in a distraction-filled classroom. 

Expands Your Child’s Education

Many academic disciplines lend to one another. Studying politics with history or two languages side-by-side can be beneficial. A tutor can reveal some of the linking elements so that the pupil has a three-dimensional understanding beyond regurgitating the blurb from textbooks. Lessons that stoke the natural wonder of your child will inspire them to study harder.

Provides Flexibility

Private lessons can be scheduled around your child and your family commitments. They can be straight after school or later in the evening. Whatever time works best, you can rest assured that your child will be learning in a comfortable and familiar environment, whether it is at your home or the house of the tutor. 

Enables Them to Master the Basics

There comes the point where a teacher cannot continue to go over old ground. Some students have continued with a subject without mastering some of the fundamentals. At such moments, it is best to hire a private tutor to put your child back on the right path. They can fill in any educational gaps so that they are not left in the wake of their classmates. 

Sparks Your Child’s Enthusiasm 

It is easy for a child to lose confidence in their learning ability so that they believe they are stupid. They become despondent with the whole academic system, leading to unruly behavior or lack of concentration. Parents should hire a private tutor if they begin to see this happening. A professional may be able to flip the child’s attitude around so that they find renewed strength and an ambition to succeed. 

Final say

Private tutors are not miracle workers, but they can make the difference between passing and failing an exam or going forward to reach the top grades. Expert offers London’s most experienced and skilled tutors who are available to fit in with any busy schedule.