For those who haven’t heard of them, bitcoin casinos are exactly what they sound like — online casinos where you can play all sorts of casino games using bitcoins as your primary currency.

Naturally, there is a growing number of regular online casinos that offer bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies as a method for depositing, among the usual methods. However, there are many bitcoin casinos out there that have bitcoins as their primary method for payment. Such casinos tend to function in the same way as regular online casinos, but they offer a few very distinct and important benefits.

Let’s take a closer at the benefits of playing in a bitcoin casino.

Bitcoin Casinos Offer More Freedom Than Traditional Online Casinos

If you’re just hearing about bitcoin casinos, you are probably wondering how good they are compared to regular online casinos. It’s good to do that as there is no need for you to start playing casino games in another casino if it doesn’t offer something more compelling than the one you’re already using.

Well, bitcoin casinos aren’t only as good as regular online casinos — they can be even better. That’s especially true if you value freedom in online casinos. As you already know, online casinos can become a problem for US players as they are not legal in the US, so you have to search for a legitimate casino that operates outside the country.

With a good bitcoin casino, you don’t have to worry about this because gambling with cryptocurrencies is not bound by laws in the US, making it much easier for you to play in a bitcoin casino than a regular online casino. You still can’t play in a US-based bitcoin casino, but thankfully, all good bitcoin casinos operate outside the US and are popular among US players.

Casino Games Are Often Customized in Bitcoin Casinos

Almost all online casinos, regardless of their location and the laws they are subject to, have to abide by strict rules that sometimes make their games less enjoyable. With bitcoin casinos, this problem doesn’t exist because games in these casinos don’t have to follow the same rules; therefore, developers have more freedom in the process of making them.

As long as you find a great bitcoin casino, you can be certain that the games you play are entirely fair, yet tweaked and customized in a way that makes them more appealing and fun.

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Bitcoin Casinos Have Lower Fees

The most significant benefit of playing in a bitcoin casino like W88 lies in the fees. Since you don’t have to use credit card processors or other payment methods, you don’t have to pay their fees.

Besides that, if you’ve already made bitcoin or any cryptocurrency-based transactions, you know that the fees are extremely low. Even massive transactions have fees that usually count in cents, not dollars, like this $633 million transaction that cost a measly $0.26.

Deposits and Withdrawals Are Faster in Bitcoin Casinos

Another common inconvenience in regular online casinos has to do with how long it takes for payments to be processed. In most cases, it takes a whole day or more for a typical deposit or withdrawal to complete.

However, when you’re using bitcoins or other popular cryptocurrencies, every payment takes only ten minutes or less. As long as you’re playing in a high-quality bitcoin casino, every transaction will take only a couple of minutes to complete.

Bitcoin Casinos Assure Anonymity

In the end, we can’t overlook the fact that bitcoin casinos are anonymous because cryptocurrency transactions are anonymous. As long as they use cryptocurrencies only, all the gambling that happens there is completely anonymous.

In essence, thanks to this benefit, you don’t have to worry about your money being in danger and other people knowing who you are and how much you’ve spent and won.

Bottom Line

Bitcoin casinos are an amazing alternative for online casino users who want to remain anonymous, make faster payments, enjoy lower fees, and have more freedom while playing their favorite games.

You only have to make sure that the bitcoin casino you’ve found is legitimate, just as you would with a regular online casino, and then you’ll be good to go.