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If you are using Google Chrome a lot, it’s very likely you have tried adding an extension now and then, or perhaps you have many of this browser’s extensions already running. While adding extensions can offer you a more rewarding online experience, when trying to sell better, you need to know how Chrome can be maximized with the right sales extensions that can improve your daily performance by much. Have a look over the next sales Chrome extensions you can use every day. Likewise, you could check SignalHire for even more interesting ones.

Lusha Contacts

This sales Chrome extension sources company information and contact from B2B websites, Salesforce, Gmail, even LinkedIn, and other similar social media platforms. Sales reps can solve two of their biggest prospecting problems when using Lusha Contacts because they can find the right contact while getting accurate data. This sales chrome extension always provides correct and updated personal and business email addresses, phone numbers, and info on the prospect’s company. Lusha Contacts is available for free and with a paid subscription that starts at $39 a month.


This email verification works for Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, and many others. Many sales reps surely know how good it feels to send an email to hundreds of contacts in bulk and to have the inbox flooded with bounce notifications minutes after. TrueMail is perfect for cold email campaigns because it verifies if the email addresses you have found are real and in service, so it saves you a lot of time. Otherwise, you would have spent this time sending emails to practically no recipient. This sales Chrome extension costs from $7 a month and comes with a free trial.


RightInbox is a Gmail productivity suite and among the best sales Chrome extensions put there. It allows you to do whatever you need to, such as planning and scheduling email sequences that you are going to send later, setting follow-up reminders so that you can track when the emails have been opened (and your links clicked), creating templates, adding signatures, and much more. RightInbox is such a great tool because it has a full set of sales features that are perfect for running a successful email campaign, crafting business emails, and nurturing leads. Its price starts at $7.95 a month, but it also has a free option.


Many would agree that Grammarly has revolutionized digital writing because it checks everything you’re typing to make sure that, regardless if you’re talking to your prospects, social media followers, or colleagues, your grammar and spelling are correct. Moreover, it also checks the tone and punctuation of your text, not to mention it considers the context and makes suggestions for your word choice and writing style. Since writing a lot comes with the job in sales, Grammarly can be a lifesaver for those sales reps who haven’t been trained in writing. This tool comes starting at $29.95 a month, but the good news is that it also has a free option.

Salesforce Gmail Integration

This email productivity extension allows you to access the Salesforce records you’re holding through Gmail or Google Calendar. This way, it makes it easier for you to view and check your Salesforce CRM’s lead information so that you send the right emails, schedule appointments, and create new records, all without having to exit the web page. By using this tool, you save a lot of time, as you no longer need to switch tabs all the time, not to mention your information no longer gets mixed up. Salesforce Gmail Integration doesn’t have a free option. It comes with a Salesforce subscription, which starts at $25 a month.


You can use this tool for inbound lead website scoring, tracking, and qualification. What SalesWings does is notifying you of every of your lead’s digital interactions, from clicking a link in the email you’ve sent to watching a video, downloading a book, opening a support ticket, and even revisiting your website. This way, you get to find out at which stage your potential customers are in their buyer’s journey. Are they aware of what you’re offering? Or perhaps they’re considering your product? Have they reached the decision stage? As soon as you know these things, it becomes easier to determine which tactic needs to be employed next for your prospects to move forward. For example, let’s say a lead has watched one of your videos. What you could do next is sending them a demo of your product or service so that they can feel closer to interacting with it. SalesWing has a free option. For the paid version, you need to contact a SalesWing vendor to find out more about pricing.


A very unique Chrome extension, Crystal creates profiles based on the customer’s personality by analyzing their public data, website if they have one, behavior online, even their texts on social media. It’s an AI tool that learns about your leads and how they’re communicating; after, it sends you summarized reports on all leads. What’s also great about it is that it provides 80% accurate information. Crystal can be used for free and with a paid subscription that starts at $19 a month.


Buffer is a tool for social media scheduling, content management, and automation. Every salesperson knows how challenging it is to create social media content. You have no idea what can be said and when, while overthinking causes you to fall short on coming up with B2B professional resonating content. But content is necessary if you want to have a nurturing relationship with your leads. Buffer gives you the means for planning when creating content. It also publishes on the many social media accounts you are running. It saves you from having to come up with new ideas on the spot and shows how your social media content is going to look months ahead. Buffer is available both for free and with a subscription that starts at $15 a month.


Dux-soup is a sales Chrome extension for LinkedIn lead generation. It’s very helpful when trying to manage your prospects because it automates plenty of your activities. This tool is much more than Sales Navigator because it sends auto invites, endorses the skills of your prospects, and boosts the engagement of your profile, among others. Prices for Dux-soup start at $11.25 a month, but the extension also comes with a free version.


This tool can give you a 10x increase in views of your LinkedIn profile. And these views will come from real users; you can be sure of that. By enabling you to join and even create engagement pods on LinkedIn, Lempod has real professionals in any industry automatically engaging with your content. This tool comes at a starting price of $2 a month and doesn’t have a free version.

The right combination of these tools should take your sales to the next level. Of course, the details will depend on your business specifics, but most salespeople should have at least 3-4 of those little helpers in their arsenal.