If you’re heading to a destination wedding, then you need to come prepared. Keep reading for 10 must-have items to pack for a destination wedding.

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So, you recently received a wedding invitation from a close friend. As you check the details, you realize it’s a destination wedding. If you received such an invitation, chances are, you’re already itching to pack your stuff.

The number of couples who are opting for a destination wedding continues to grow. In fact, 1 out of 4 Americans chose to have a destination wedding in 2018.

As exciting as a destination wedding is, you need to prepare accordingly. You need to bring with you a number of essentials.

So how should you pack for a destination wedding? What kind of items should fill up your luggage? Continue reading below to find out.

Pack for a Destination Wedding

With the bride as the center of the big event, she needs to make sure that she has everything in place. These include items from the wedding gown down to the Diamonds Cushion Cut engagement ring. But as a guest, you also need to carry some essentials.

Here are 10 items you should start packing today.

Wedding Day Attires

The first things you need to put inside your luggage is your wedding day attire. This includes your shoes, dress for women, or tie for men.

If it is a beach wedding, make sure to bring your swimsuit and beach towel.

Makeup Kit

You also need to bring your hair and makeup kit. Bring your primers, styling brushes, hairspray, and curlers.

Clutch Bag

Bring a clutch or evening bag where you can keep your valuables during the event. Inside, you can put your cash and credit card.

Carry-On Bag

Bring your carry-on bag. This will serve as your main luggage for the destination wedding. It has enough space to carry everything you need for the event.

Small First Aid Kit

Make sure you make room for a first aid kit in your luggage. All you need is a small one. Bring some medicines for headaches, tummy aches, and some cotton and alcohol.

Travel Information

If the wedding is in a city across the globe like Bangkok, make sure to bring all your travel documents. Place your passport in a safe spot. The same thing goes for your boarding passes, as well as your hotel reservations.

Sweater or Wrap

Even if you are going to a tropical country, it is still wise to bring a wrap or sweater. Weather can change in an instant, and you need to stay warm, especially at night.


Sometimes, beach weddings take place in the afternoon. Thus, you need to carry with you your trust, sunscreen. Apply generously all over your body to protect your skin from harmful UV rays.

Tote or Beach Bag

Apart from your clutch bag, you also need to bring your beach or tote bag. This is what you will use the day before or after the wedding.

Smartphone and Charger

Lastly, don’t forget to bring your mobile phone. You will be far from home so you need to ensure that the people back in the city can reach you anytime. Don’t forget your chargers and power banks too.

Equip Yourself with More Knowledge

Knowing what to pack for a destination wedding is only part of the bigger picture. If you are not a frequent traveler, you need to keep on reading on anything about traveling.

And if you still don’t have a passport, check out this article that will convince you to get one.