The used car market is a good option for people who want to buy a car at an affordable price. Not everyone has the resources to purchase a new car, and there are several good options available out there in the secondhand car market. The coronavirus pandemic has made the used cars even more attractive due to the decreasing buying power of consumers and in part due to already high price tags on new cars.

Buying a good used car is not everyone’s cup of tea, you need a good knowledge of cars if you want to wisely spend your hard-earned money. Do not get trapped by the slippery tongues of sellers and do your research before you venture out into the used car market. No matter how good a car looks, always get it inspected by an honest and experienced mechanic.

Here we will discuss the 15 most disappointing used cars rated by consumers according to some respected survey sites such as JD Power and

FIAT 500:

The most notorious car in the used car market is the FIAT 500, the company FIAT that manufactures this small car is itself known for cutting costs at crucial places and delivering one of the most unreliable cars. The car has every sort of problem one can imagine. The company spent a lot of cash on advertising rather than focusing on good built quality.

Mitsubishi Mirage:

The name of the car speaks for itself; the car is a mirage for a good car. Mitsubishi is not known for making reliable cars and the Mirage is no exception. They are cheaply made with hard and brittle plastics used all over the interior. The piston rings tend to go out and then the car starts to emit smoke. But some models of Mitsubishi, such as Mitsubishi Xpander, still have a considerable sales volume in Indonesia.

Nissan Altima:

Nissan is a name that was once synonymous with reliable and well-made cars, but ever since its takeover by Renault the quality has been going down. From blowing head gaskets and engines to transmission failures the car has a multitude of problems. The most known problem is the transmission failure.

Audi A4:

Audi is owned by the Volkswagen group and their high tech are prone to breaking down once they start aging. Problems include automatic transmission failure, turbocharger breaking down, and oil burning.

Land Rover Discovery:

Do not get distracted by the outer beauty of this SUV, looks can be deceiving and this phrase perfectly describes this car. Everybody knows that used land rovers are endless money pits and they cost a huge amount of money to repair.

MINI Cooper:

MINI Coopers used to be a small fun little car, but only have they grown since their introduction, but their quality control has also taken a downward trend. BMW owns MINI, and it is common knowledge that  BMW uses excessive plastic parts in their cars which eventually starts cracking down and you start to lose your money.

Jaguar XF:

English cars, in general, should always be avoided and the Jaguar XF is one such example. Overall, Jaguar’s cars are plagued with poor quality control. Its reliability rating is 3/5 which is not good, and you’ll be visiting workshops quite frequently if you decide to purchase one.

Chevy Spark:

Chevy Spark is a midsize hatchback, that is notorious for breaking down all the time. The engine burns oil all the time and has rough idle issues. There are many better alternatives available if you start looking out.

Chrysler 300:

Chrysler is generally known for poor build quality; the interior tends to crack after a certain period of time and the engine is not reliable either. The company decided to cut so many corners in costs that the car they made poorly and it breaks down all the time.

Mercedes Benz S-class:

No doubt, Mercedes are one of the best-looking vehicles out there. They have the most futuristic technology is seldom found in other mainstream cars and they have nearly hundreds of computer modules for different functions, that are always prone to breaking down after a certain period.

BMW 5 series:

As described earlier, BMW has a history of using plastic parts in their engines, the engines themselves are excellent but the parts used in them make them prone to cracking and you’ll have to spend a huge amount of money on the repairs.

Ford F-150:

Ford f-150 is the best-selling pickup truck in the United States, and there is a reason for that, they are well made and tend to last over time. Only the recently introduced Eco-boost engines with 10-speed transmission f-150s should be avoided. Other than that, all its other variants are rugged and reliable.

Jeep Renegade:

The car is plagued with multiple electrical issues and like any other Italian car has a history of visiting mechanic frequently. The repairs on these cars are not cheap either, expect to pay a good amount of money while visiting their dealership.

Range Rover Evoque:

It should not come as a surprise that another Range rover has made it to the list because there a vast list of parts including the gearbox, steering issues, and electrical parts breaking down. Since they are a luxury SUV, they cost a handsome amount of money to get them fixed.

Audi Q2:

A fair amount of Audi Q2 had their share of problems, including electrical and clutch/transmissions problems. The majority of the repairs were done under the warranty, though some people had to pay for their repairs.

Now that you know about some of the most disappointing used cars rated by the customers, do your best to stay from these cars. Their looks may force you into buying them but believe you would not be able to afford their hefty repairs once they start breaking down. A good reliable used car is what everyone wants, and no matter if it looks a bit boring it will provide you the best value for your money. A reliable used car also has a good resale value compared to other non-reliable cars.