Increasing road traffic has increased the demand for hatchbacks that are comparatively smaller to sedans, which makes them more maneuverable in congested traffic. Though SUVs and crossovers are the general trends around the world and according to the data by Jato global demand for traditional sedans and SUVs continued to fall in 2019, hatchbacks and sedans are still popular in Asian and European countries. They provide better fuel economy, cheaper maintenance, and are ideally suited for the Asian traffic conditions.

There are several auto manufacturers that are offering sedan and hatchback models, and the competition is quite stiff in this category, especially in Asia. Although consumer preference varies, people generally tend to buy Japanese manufactured cars, in part because of their reliability and good reputation, Korean cars are gaining the ground at a fast pace. Nonetheless, there are some models that get special consumer attention because they have been around for quite some time and they have their own fanbase.

Here we will be comparing two popular cars in some markets, Honda Jazz and Toyota Yaris. Both the car brands are known for their solid build quality and reliability. According to Wikipedia, Toyota increased its market share in 2019 to 33%., while Honda also posted respectable numbers in sales during the same period. Both Toyota Yaris and Honda Jazz have some pros and cons, and we will be discussing them in detail here.

Overview of Honda Jazz & Toyota Yaris:

Honda Jazz also known as Honda Fit in some markets has been sold by Honda since the late 1990s, the car falls in the B segment or hatchback category, the car directly competes with Toyota Yaris, Aqua, and Vitz. The distinctive styling of the car makes it stand out from the car. While the Toyota Yaris was introduced around the same time as Honda Jazz, it falls in the same segment as Honda Jazz and follows the styling language of Toyota, which some people like and some don’t. Multiple generations of both cars have been introduced since their debut and they continue to be the cash cows for both companies.


Both the cars have distinct exterior styling and depending upon your personal preference you’ll either like Yaris or Jazz. Honda Jazz follows the new design language of Honda, which was introduced some time ago and can be seen in other models of Honda, the car shares it front and rear look with Honda city and Civic, which gives it quite an aggressive look. Click here to see images and specs of Hon

The Toyota Yaris derives its styling from the new design language of Toyota, which features a relatively big front grille and sharp Led taillights and can be found in Toyota Corolla and Vitz. The Yaris conveys a bit decent styling when compared to Honda Jazz, and can be boring for some people. Nevertheless, Toyota has continued to make its mark in every market thanks to their reputation as indestructible cars.


When it comes to suspension, Toyota Yaris has always performed well on rough patches and bumpy roads, it’s more comfortable on such roads and provides a more comfortable experience due to its softer suspension. The downside is its average performance when it comes to handling around the corners and at high speed.

Honda is renowned for making good handling cars, in part due to their stiffer suspension setup. The stiffer suspension gives Jazz users a more confident driving experience on higher speeds and curves but provides a rather bumpy ride on potholes and cracked surfaces.


Depending upon the region, the Honda Jazz is offered with either a 1.3l I-DSI or a 1.5l VTEC engine, the 1.5l engine is also available with a hybrid powertrain that combined with the gasoline engine delivers 115hp and 146Nm of torque. The vTec engine provides classic Honda vTec characteristics and revs all the way through 7000rpm. The engine is mated to either a CVT or a 5-speed manual transmission.

Toyota Yaris is also offered in two engine options in some countries. According to Toyota-Indus, the assembler of Toyota cars in Pakistan, the Yaris comes with either a 1.3l or a 1.5l engine, the 1.3l engine delivers 98hp and 123Nm of torque while the 1.5l pushes out 107hp and 140Nm of torque, the car is available in 5-speed manual or a CVT transmission. The Yaris currently not available in the hybrid powertrain.


Both cars have a variety of safety features that include 6 or 2 airbags (depending on the market). ABS, EBD, and VSA to offer assistance in emergency situations. In addition, both the cars have multiple crumple zones, that save the passengers in case of a crash.

According to ASEANCAP safety test results, both the cars get a 5-star adult occupant protection rating in 6 airbag configurations.

Fuel Economy:

The hybrid Honda Jazz delivers an excellent fuel economy of 20-24km/l, whereas the normal Honda Jazz gives 15-17km/l. Toyota Yaris isn’t much behind with fuel economy averaging around 14-17km/l. The fuel economy though varies according to one’s driving habits and road conditions.


The interior of the Honda Jazz follows the likes of Honda Vezel/H-RV and is definitely one of the best looking interiors in its class, it features some soft-touch materials that exhibit the good quality of interior and provide a contemporary look to the whole interior.

While the interior of the Toyota Yaris is also decent, it does not match the finish and quality of Honda Jazz’s interior. Depending on the market the interior can be in two-tone colors or a single tone.

Both the cars have good soundproofing and they filter out most of the exterior noise successfully.


Both the cars are competitively priced in the markets they are offered, but the hybrid version of Honda Jazz is a bit more expensive than its standard models and Toyota Yaris.


Both the Honda Jazz and Toyota Yaris are very good, capable cars. Both have their ups and downs, Jazz tends to be more on the sportier side whereas Yaris is a regular, comfort-oriented car. You cannot go wrong with both; they have good resale value. If your preference is a hybrid car, then the only option is Jazz, otherwise, if you want comfort and practicality then Yaris is the answer. Although the looks are subjective, people tend to like Jazz more than the Yaris and it has a better-looking interior and provides you with the option of Honda’s vTec engine.