It could be argued that the whole point of technology is to make life easier, but as with anything else in life, there will always be drawbacks. When it comes to relationships, the advent of social media has made it so much more convenient to get to know prospective partners.

Any single signing up to an online dating venture will be faced with the possibility of communicating with a dizzying variety of other site users, and it is entirely up to them who they decide to reach out to, based on criteria ranging from interests in common to a profile photograph that has caused their pulse to quicken! Technology can impact relationships in so many different ways, but here are three of the most significant.

Mental health

Signing up to a dating site is certainly the most convenient way there could be for arranging relationships. From your own home, or wherever you might be accessing your smart device of choice, you can access the personal details of any number of potential dates, browsing through these whenever you like.

However, this can be a double-edged sword as over-reliance on the shorthand of virtual communication can bring its frustrations and stresses. Many people drawn to Internet dating can be impatient and unwilling to commit to relationships with the same verve they would when meeting people in offline situations.

There will always be a temptation to check out the personal details of the next person they come across. For the person on the receiving end, this can lead to increasingly debilitating notions of abandonment.

The 24/7 nature of online dating can also lead to site users finding it difficult to resist the urge to continue searching for that ideal partner, at the expense of their lives outside of the Internet bubble.

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Physical health

The allure of technology means that checking in-boxes, contacting other singles, and trying out different web outlets can quickly become an addictive process. Instead of relaxing and taking part in less-stressful pastimes, singles will spend long hours simply staring into their screen, almost to the extent that this process becomes hypnotic.

Failing to take breaks away from laptops or iPads can lead to issues with posture, which could lead to longer-term problems with muscles or bones, especially in the small of the back. Continual glowering into an illuminated screen will impact on the protagonist’s vision, with the possibility of headaches or more significant damage to eyes. As with the potential for mental health issues, technology can be fantastic, but there needs to be an awareness of the need to keep things in perspective.


Another potent impact on relationships where technology is involved comes with the very nature of dating websites. People can quickly get used to how easy it can be to sift through a gallery of personal profiles, swiping left or right, and then firing off any number of personal messages to whoever happens to have caught their attention that particular day.

It can then become very difficult to wean themselves off this medium once they reach a stage where they are increasingly reliant on virtual matching. For relationships to have the best chance of flourishing, it’s important to be able to recognize there are many times when face-to-face encounters will always be the most potentially rewarding way of connecting.

It’s one thing to attempt building a rapport with someone on a website, with no clear idea of what they look like beyond their potentially Photoshopped profile shot. Far better meeting them in a secluded and romantic coffee bar or restaurant, where you can truly engage with them.