It’s not that you don’t have fire safety and protection equipment in place. The issue is that it’s been around for a long time. Even though it still works, replacing it might be a good idea. Do you need some incentive to look into the options for some new Herbert Williams fire protection equipment and supplies? Consider these four signs and how they relate to your business operation.

It’s Been Years Since You Bought Anything

It was only when someone recently pointed out that most of the equipment was getting a little old that you began to wonder how long everything had been in place. Realizing that some of it dates back to the day you opened the business was a bit of a shock. Maybe it is time to replace the oldest equipment with something new.

A professional can help you evaluate everything that’s on-site and prioritize a series of replacements. Keep in mind that cabinets and other equipment may still be in great shape. Other items may show some signs of age and need to go ahead of anything else.

The Technology is Outdated

Everything may still work, but how efficient does the equipment happen to be? In some cases, the technology is now obsolete and not as reliable as it was back in the day. Since that does present something of a safety issue, it makes sense to replace anything that’s not up to date. Along with enhancing the safety within the facility, the newer technology will likely make the equipment easier to operate.

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You’re Barely Passing the Safety Inspections

You’ve yet to fail a safety inspection, but you seem to be getting closer to doing so. That’s because some of the equipment is not considered as safe or as effective as it was when you first had it installed. Since the results of those inspections can impact the ability to operate as well as your business insurance premiums, it makes sense to update some of the more important pieces of equipment.

Leave nothing out of the process. If there’s a good reason to invest in new safety guards, then do so. In many cases, this type of equipment is just as important as having fully functional extinguishers and alarms that work without failing.

You Care About Your Employees

At the heart of fire safety is your desire to ensure that all employees have a safe setting for work. That includes making sure there’s equipment on hand that will help them get to the nearest exit if a fire should break out. While the price breaks from the insurance company and the kudos from local fire inspectors are great, the bottom line is that you can’t bear the idea of an employee being injured because you didn’t take adequate steps to ensure on the job safety. Get new equipment and sleep better at night.

If you’re not sure how to go about replacing older fire safety equipment, call in a professional. It won’t take long to evaluate everything that you currently own and come up with a plan to gradually replace what needs to go. When the task is done, you’ll feel a lot better and so will your employees.