You live in a studio or a one-bedroom apartment. The cozy atmosphere is great in many ways, but it doesn’t leave any real space for a home gym. At least, that’s what some people would have you think. It’s possible to invest in equipment that takes up hardly any space and is there whenever you want to work out. Here are four examples that will help you get started. Similar to the jump rope, you have battle ropes. Yes, they might be a bit intimidating but are a great alternative. They will help you burn calories like never before. Of course, you can find hundreds of models out there, making it difficult to find the best battle ropes. Just make sure you feel comfortable with them, no matter if it’s a jump or battle rope.


There’s no doubt that dumbbells should be part of every workout. There are all sorts of routines you can do with them, with most of the exercises aimed at building toning and strengthening the neck, upper back, chest, arms, and even the midriff.

The great thing about a simple set of dumbbells is that it’s easy to keep them tucked next to your favorite chair or on the floor of the closet. Since they are never hard to reach, you’ll be able to use them whenever you like.

A Jump Rope

Jumping rope was fun when you were a kid and it’s fun today. Along with being a great way to get rid of stress, using a jump rope is an excellent workout for your heart. It also helps to give your lower body a reasonable workout. Since this exercise requires very little room, you can jump rope while you watch television.

A jump rope needs little in the way of storage space. Slip it into a drawer in the nightstand when you’re done. It will be easy to find the next time you want to work out a little.

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Exercise Mats

Exercise mats fold up with ease and can easily be tucked under the bed. Many will fold in a manner that makes it easy to store them under a sofa too. Given how many types of exercises can be done using a mat, this is one piece of fitness & gym equipment for sale that you want to have before investing in anything else.

Consider how handy the mats will come in while you jump rope. They are also great when you want to do a round of push-ups. Sit-ups are also more comfortable if you perform them on an exercise mat. If you’re into yoga, the mat will also make it much simpler to go through your routine in relative comfort.

A Chin-Up Bar

The nice thing about a chin-up bar is that you can mount it in a door frame. Just make sure that it’s high enough for you to avoid hitting your head or allowing your feet to still touch the floor when you begin to pull yourself upward. Since it’s occupying what’s normally empty space anyway, you don’t even have to think of a place to store it when you aren’t working out.

Chin-ups are great for building upper body muscle as well as placing enough pressure on the abdominal muscles to help trim and tone the middle part of the body. You’ll also enjoy the feeling that comes from gradually increasing the number of repetitions that you can do before your arms get tired.

There’s more equipment that you can introduce into your small space, but these four will get you started. Give this approach a try and see what you think. It won’t be long before you begin adding more time to your workouts and notice that your body is changing for the better.