The most populated metropolitan area of all Canada, Toronto, is world-renowned for its placement next to the Niagara Falls, the natural border with the USA. Although it’s pretty famous, what not many people know about this metropolis is that its main attractions aren’t only revolving around the famous waterfall. Some, like gambling, can be found around the city in the flashy, sumptuous buildings we know as casinos.

Truth be told, Toronto is nothing close to Las Vegas, which means there aren’t many gambling houses, but the existing ones are extremely luxurious and ready to accommodate every bettor who wonders past their gates.

Now, we don’t know if you ever set foot in a casino before, so we can just presume that you did. But, regardless of your experience in this domain, we just want to ask you: do you know how all the online casinos have a VIP or high-roller category? Well, all those players who qualify for those categories get discounts, cashback offers and countless promotions to enhance their experience furthermore. Just like their online counterpart, land-based casinos have their own deals so, if you decide to bet big at a table, you’ll be able to benefit from different perks. But why should you join a table with high stakes? Here are 5 benefits of gambling at a VIP table in Toronto:

Special Treatment

If you were to ask some of the high-rollers why are they betting so much on a single hand, the very first thing they would respond to you would be the special treatment. You see, casinos are highly valuing those who like to spend a lot of money, and for that reason, they’re trying to accommodate them to their best. From designated VIP gambling rooms to special parking spots, they are going out of their way to ensure the foremost comfort to all those who bet big.

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Your own Personal Casino Host

A VIP customer such as yourself must always get the guidance and the help he needs, that’s why you’ll be assigned a personal host who will ensure the fact you’re only getting the best experience. Your host will inform you and keep you updated regarding of the special bonuses and promotions which only you and a few others qualify for. Also, your host will assist you and offer you guidance through any technical issues.

Exclusive Promotions and Tournaments

Sometimes, not always, aside from the regular VIP promotions and huge bonuses, your host might arrange for you some special deals and events which fit your taste. Is there a certain table game you enjoy? Then, your host could get you a cashback deal. Also, from time to time, the casinos will arrange exclusive tournaments for its VIP players where big cash prizes or special holidays can be won.

Personalized Betting Limits

Generally, each casino table has its own betting limit. Maybe the average players need to respect this limit, but that’s not the case for the high-rollers. High-rollers have the ability to deposit as much as it suits them, regardless of the real limit. If normally, an average player can wager a maximum of $50 per hand, the high-stakes player can wager up to $1 000 or more per hand. Although that’s a huge difference, it is real nevertheless.

Special Invites for the Best Events and Parties in Toronto

Simply put, you will get invitations to different events and parties organized within the city’s boundaries. Furthermore, your special treatment won’t stop outside the casino walls as you’ll be given a ride with a limo to the specific location and you’ll be treated wherever you go just like the VIP you are.

So this is it! Wagering high stakes was never more appealing since high-rollers have the power to enjoy perquisites which the normal gamblers don’t have access to. Although everything comes at a price, if you can afford it, then it is definitely worth it!