Planning to visit Athens? Well, this article will help you big time in planning your trip to it. I remember when I had to visit Athens last year. I had to do proper research, probed the posts of famous bloggers who visited Athens and made myself a list of places to cover in a week. Researching my trip was a really hectic but interesting process and helped me big time in making the most out of my time. I’m writing this article to share my list with you all visiting Athens, Greece in the near future. This list will enable you to cover almost all the major tourist spots of Athens and will allow you to explore the culture and history of the city.

Whenever we hear “Athens,” it gives a strong vibe of ancient times. Yes! We all are familiar with the fact that Athens was the soul of ancient Greece, which was a strong civilization and empire. The city is still ornamented with the century BC landmarks. This city is a treat for all the history lovers. Every scene of this city oozes out the history and has a very unique and modern vibe to it. The city attracts tons of tourists every year, which makes it difficult to feel the actual vibe of the city. But don’t worry, we have got you covered on this one. By the end of this article, you’ll have a fair idea about the top attractions of Athens.

Seven Best things to do in Athens:


Athens holds one of the most famous sites in the world named Acropolis. But there is so much more to this place. The city is known for its natural beauty, great food, and strong historical and cultural background. My number one thing to do in Athens was to visit Acropolis.

I’d highly suggest you visit Acropolis in the morning or late in the afternoon. These are the best times when the crowd is low, and you actually get time to absorb the feel of the place and explore it more. The Acropolis- as the name suggests, is an ancient complex located above the Athens city. It contains several of the ancient buildings within including that of Parthenon, Odeon of Herodes Atticus Theatre, Temple of Athena, Acropolis Museum, etc.

Just so you know that Acropolis is a must stop for all the cruise ship circuits, and they arrive there late in the morning. So better visit before or after their visit to make the most out of your visit. Keep a travel router with you to constantly stay connected with internet. Click here to view the most feasible internet packages in town. Constant connection with internet will keep you informed about the best times to visit a certain place.

Neoclassical architecture:

Where Athens is known for its historical places, it is also well known for its modern architecture. You will miss a big time if you do not explore the neoclassical architecture of Athens. Neoclassical architecture began when the capital of Greece was shifted from Peloponnese to Athens after Greece gained independence from the Turk Ottoman. At that time, Athens contained nearly 7000 residents and didn’t have any real houses. The new king of Greece ordered reconstruction and neoclassical architecture came into being.

Following are the places you won’t want to miss:

  • Kapodistrian University of Athens
  • Zappeion Hall: It’s the first-ever building which served Olympic games
  • The Athenian Triptych
  • Greece National library
  • Three attractive building located near Panepestimio
  • Museum of Cycladic Art
  • The Benaki Museum
  • Hellenic Parliament Building

Lycabettus Hil:

Lycabettus Hill is a famous hill of 277 meters which is visible from all across Athens. Visit Lycabettus Hill was a spectacular experience for me. You can see the entire city up from there. Watching sunset and sunrise here is a must-do thing when in Athens. Trust me, it is a sight you need to experience once in a lifetime. The hill also contains restaurants and cafes giving the view of Athens city from above.

Open Air cinema:

Well, I always wanted to watch a movie outdoors, and Athens allowed me to fulfill this wish. Watching movies open air is kind-of a tradition in Athens, and you will find several open-air cinemas here. It was an extremely refreshing experience, and I’d highly recommend you to do it once in a lifetime. It is actually a summer tradition in Athens since the 1960s to watch movies outdoors. For me, Thissio and Plack were the best open-air cinema as they offer a view of Acropolis. There is a number of outdoor cinemas in Athens, and you must experience them during your visit.

Grande Bretagne Hotel:

This hotel is not just a luxurious hotel but holds a great history. This very building was the headquarters of Greek Armed forces during WWII from 1941 to 1944 when Nazis occupied Greece. They also utilized the very building as their headquarter. This grand building is in the center of the city and is a great place for the cocktails and attractive view. If you cannot afford to stay over there, do grab a drink or have dinner at its rooftop with the breath-taking view of Athens.

Lake Vouliagmeni:

This place worked as a meditation for me. Lake Vouliagmeni is 30 minutes away from the center of Athens and is surrounded with Limestone Caves. The sight of it is absolutely magical. The lake is supplied with seawater through underground tunnels which keeps the water warm all year. In Greece, the mineral warm water lake in springs has been used to cure diseases for centuries. Take a relaxing swim along with the Garra Ruffa fish, which many high-end spa places are utilizing all across the world to clear the skin.

It is not just a lake but also has a great many facilities like restaurants, lockers, changing rooms, showers, Sunbeds and also allow access to the disable people.


Odeon is an ancient Greek building which was utilized for live music shows and singing. Odeon sits at the base of Acropolis. The place till now is known for hosting world-known artists. Do plan to attend a concert here; it will surely prove to be an experience of a lifetime for you.

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