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Videogames have obtained a massive success that has been proportional with the passage of time, this achievement is due to many factors, but one of the main ones are the companies that develop videogames. Thanks to the great gaming market, nowadays there are a lot of developer companies and many of them with excellent videogames that have conquered their players, but in spite of this, there are extremely few developer companies that have managed to define the whole history of videogames and have managed to forge their legend through their creations.

Among those legendary companies, there is one in particular that certainly must be mentioned, especially if we refer to the MMORPG genre, this developer is Blizzard. This American company has become the most influential and successful of the whole MMORPG genre.

Blizzard’s great achievements are thanks to its legendary creations: Warcraft, Starcraft, and of course, Diablo, an excellent game that presents us with a magnificent action-adventure and role-playing isometric view that has taken as a reference to the classic dungeon crawler.

When Blizzard released Diablo, this quickly became a fantastic game that had unique gameplay, which is a combination of action and role-playing genre. This innovative gameplay inspired many developers to design videogames in the “Diablo-style.”

Although the Diablo saga is extremely successful, its third installment (Diablo III) received harsh criticism and disenchanted the community at large. But luckily, in 2013 Grinding Gear Games, a small developer based in New Zealand, offered Diablo fans a worthy successor that would inherit the quality of their first two installments; this is the videogame Path of Exile.

Path of Exile (usually abbreviated as PoE) has been able to dazzle thousands of people around the world by the wide range of options that this game provides in everything related to the customization of any of the seven archetypes of heroes available, PoE also stands out for its dark universe and its bloody tone very similar to the Diablo saga.

PoE offers a great Hack & Slash adventure that remains in the memory thanks to its intense difficulty in certain stretches; it’s a very successful dungeon design, and its unlimited game possibilities combined with that tree of passive improvements with up to 1350 options available to the player.

Another outstanding aspect of Path of Exile is its market built by the great community of the game, where through various websites; players will be able to receive the various forms of PoE Currencies, in exchange for real money. This business is huge and very popular.

In short, Path of Exile is an excellent MMOARPG that deserves to be enjoyed by those who like Hack & Slash games, and above all by all fans of the Diablo saga. For that same reason, below is a list of the main reasons why everyone should play the Path of Exile videogame.

Class system very well executed

The parameters of the characters in PoE are the traditional ones of all RPG, which are strength, agility, and intelligence, but PoE uses these primary values together with their combinations to offer us the six classes of the game: Marauder (strength), Ranger (agility), Witch (intelligence), Duelist (strength/agility), Templar (strength/intellect) and Shadow (agility/intellect). Even so, all three attributes provide benefits for all classes, so the top priority in PoE must be to specialize in a specific class and get a style of play.

An excellent system of skills

In PoE the skills are determined by gems and the weaponry that is used, at first glance, this system seems somewhat confusing, but when the player begins to become familiar with the skills of the game, this aspect is greatly facilitated. Red gems give us skills linked to strength, green to agility, and blue to intellect. When a gem is inserted into an armament, a skill is activated in the player’s action bar, and later, this skill increases in level when the player has eliminated a certain amount of monsters. When a player changes armament, he can also easily remove the gem and put it in a new armor at no cost. Ability gems usually ask for some requirements on the player’s attributes or weaponry.

Possibility to play alone or in a group

In PoE the player has the possibility to choose how to play, either playing alone in an adventure in single mode (although it will always be possible to see the other players in areas such as the shelter or a village), or on the contrary, you can also play with friends or other players when entering a game created by one of these, of course, the player can also open his own game from the social menu. The player has the freedom to enter and exit these games at any time. This system is very similar to the one offered by Diablo II, although with some improvements. Another outstanding social aspect of PoE is its global chat, an element where you can make all kinds of communications, from agreeing to market with other players, to resolve any doubts of the game.

It’s a free-to-play game

PoE is a free videogame, and it will stay that way. This game follows the business model of microtransactions, which in no way affects the gameplay, nor do they give advantages in the game. What you can buy with real money are irrelevant objects such as game companions/pets and cosmetic effects for your characters (such as new animations or visual effects). The only real advantages you can access are minor things like more slots for character creation and additional space in your bank.

Fully customizable characters

In Path of Exile, no one forces the player as he must improve or customize his character, no matter his class; the player decides what to do. Taking this aspect into account, it is possible to have a Ranger class character that can use a sword and shield to fight, or you can also customize a Witch class character so you can use huge maces in both hands to defend yourself. The possibilities of customization and improvements in the PoE characters are unlimited; you only need the skills and the right equipment.

A very original trade

One aspect that undoubtedly highlights quite a lot of PoE is the fact that in this game there is no gold or anything similar to a coin (this aspect makes a lot of sense considering the history of the game). In PoE the player is exiled towards an unknown continent, being in this place, no gold is needed, what is needed are the items and the armaments, for that reason, everything in PoE is based on a system of exchange of PoE orbs such as Exalted Orb and Chaos Orb for items. There is no auction house with virtual or real currency, Path of Exile trading is old-fashioned, making deals in person with other players or videogame NPCs. Of course, you should also take into account a large number of players who are engaged to buy PoE currency.

Very accurate graphics

Grinding Gear Games does an excellent job with the graphics section of Path of Exile; this is demonstrated by the incredible designs of characters, weapons, armor, scenarios, among other elements of the game, and all those elements designed with a dark and gloomy atmosphere very similar to the Diablo II videogame. For that reason, it is normal to see in PoE several caverns and gloomy prisons, including, you can also find remains of corpses and organs on the floor, as well as rust and dirt on the walls. All the elements mentioned giving a unique atmosphere to the videogame.

Having said all this, it can be concluded that Path of Exile is undoubtedly an excellent MMOARPG, which (as has already been said many times) is fully recommended for those players who love this genre or the Diablo saga. PoE is an incredible game that in spite of being Free-to-Play, you can notice the great quality and the great dedication that Grinding Gear Games has been able to bring to this game, it should also be mentioned that its model of microtransactions is very well executed and does not directly affect the gameplay of PoE (this fact is fantastic considering other videogames with similar business models). Another aspect worth mentioning about the Path of Exile is its brilliant and compelling story, as well as how well executed is its parallel market created by its players, where it is quite simple to buy PoE currency. In short, a very well done videogame that deserves to be played.