As much as you may want to convince yourself that mattress type doesn’t matter, it actually does. You need to be extra careful when making your choice of mattress because unlike most other stuff-you will be stuck with it for years. You are additionally going to be spending an average of 8 hours on it every day, which translates to ⅓ of your life. Hence, you need to get a mattress you will not only be proud of but will also be comfortable in. Most people that complain of back, waist, and neck pain actually got it as a result of the kind of mattress they sleep in. So you see? There are so many reasons to be careful. Are you worried about how you can pick the perfect mattress for your needs? Here, take a look at some tips that will help.

Stick With Natural

You will do yourself much good to find out the specific material used when shopping for a mattress. Have it in mind that this is somewhere you might spend up to 8 hours every day, so you don’t want a material that will irritate your skin. After careful research, we’ve come to find that natural materials are far better than synthetic ones when it comes to mattress use. This is because synthetic materials often contain glue or chemicals that are not safe on the body. Most top brands favor natural over synthetic materials in the manufacture of their mattress, so finding a great option shouldn’t be difficult.

Ensure Proper Support

There’s no overemphasizing this point because really, that is what your mattress is meant for – to support you. The right mattress should be able to provide all the necessary support that your back and spine need to stay fit and aligned while you sleep. Usually, good quality mattresses come with specific support zones that are created to provide the perfect level of support for the back end for the contour of the shoulders. This is an important point to look out for, considering that you want the highest level of comfort from the use of the mattress.

Consider Your Body Size

Size should come as a crucial factor when you are trying to make your choice. Before selecting, lay down on the mattress to ensure that it is a good fit for your body size. Consider your body size, then think of whether you will be sleeping on it alone, or with a partner. A Singapore mattress length will not be long enough for a tall person, so you should get a length that is good enough. If you will be sleeping with a partner or two, then a king size mattress is the way to go for less disturbed sleep.

Consider Your Home Size

As much as you are buying the mattress for yourself, and probably a partner or two, you should also consider where you will keep the mattress. Experts would advise that you take the right measurement of wherever you are keeping the mattress before actually setting out for it. This, at least eliminates the need to return it if it does not size well.


Yes! It is essential to consider the track record of the brand. If they’ve been serving the market well, then there is a huge possibility that their product will be just great. So, ask around or check online reviews to know what brands are doing well in the market, and which is not, before setting out.
There are several different brands of mattresses in the market today that it will not be difficult finding the right fit. Personally, I really like the Nectar mattress, because it is one product that I’ve tried and seen that it is excellent.