The decision to enter a substance abuse program is one that opens a new chapter in a patient’s life. Choosing a program wisely increases the odds for success and emerging with the skills needed to remain in control in the years to come. How do you know of the program you’re considering is the best drug rehab option? Make sure the following five qualities are present.

An Accredited Program

What sort of accreditation is associated with the program? Check out the accreditation carefully and find out how it’s issued and what sort of qualifications must be met. While you’re at it, do look into the background of the organization and agency that issues the accreditation. If what you find is impressive, that’s a program worth exploring further.

Staff Credentials

Assuming you’re confident about the accreditation, turn your attention to the credentials that staff members must possess. What you want to find are medical professionals who are widely regarded in their respective fields. Even people who provide support in non-medical roles should have to meet basic qualifications and possess a certain level of experience.

This is important since the program does address the physical, mental, and emotional well being. A well-rounded staff that’s properly qualified means that guests receive the best of care on every level. That’s important to the process of moving through the withdrawal stage and beginning to develop skills and strategies aimed at remaining sober in the years to come.

Custom Treatment Plans Within the Program

While the program should be designed to provide some elements that apply to everyone, it should also leave room for some customization. This ensures that guests who have received a dual diagnosis can make use of a tailored treatment plan that may or may not apply to other guests. Thanks to this type of flexibility, it’s easier for patients to receive the combination of individual and group attention that’s so important to recovery.

Secure and Pleasant Atmosphere

The facility where the live-in program resides must offer two important elements. First, it must be secure. It’s not just a matter of keeping track of people who have chosen to enroll in the program; there’s also the need to prevent unauthorized people from entering the facility.

Security is one way that the program protects the anonymity of each participant. It’s also a good way to prevent those who would attempt to influence the guest in ways that are not conducive to effective treatment.

Along with security, the setting must be comfortable and welcoming for each guest. Pleasant surroundings can help add an air of serenity to the hard work that goes into learning how to control an addiction. On days when things are going well, that setting helps to enhance the sense of making progress. When a day comes along that seems to be difficult, the setting can offer a degree of comfort and inspire hope for a better day tomorrow.

Proven Track Record

Always check the past record of the program. How long has it been available and what sort of success rate does it offer? While expecting any program to be100% effective is not realistic, ratings, and past history that indicates 90% or more of past patients have remained substance-free indicates the team at the facility does know what they’re doing. If the success rate for your particular issue happens to be higher, there’s no need to look any further.

See the drug rehab program as an investment in the quality of your life. Choose it with care and enter the program with a determination to make the most of it. Your dedication to fully participating in the recovery process paired with the experience and expertise of the staff goes a long way toward ensuring that life in the future will be a lot better.