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If we talk about one of the most painful and inconvenient times that every adult girl faces in her life is when she gets menstrual cramps or menstruation pain. This time of the month is extremely painful or, say, very uncomfortable, and it also depends on person-to-person. Apart from adjustments to the bathroom routine, various other annoying symptoms of menstrual cramps can make you uncomfortable and grumpy. Disturbance in sleeping, mood swings, food cravings, fatigue, tender breasts, and several others start taking place even before your monthly cycle hits you.

Apart from this, if you are getting menstrual cramps and looking forward to ways to stop them, you will get that information in the article below. The ways to stop menstrual cramps must also be effective enough to provide maximum relief to this difficult, unbearable pain. So, let us now read out five effective ways to stop menstrual cramps below:

1. Apply a heating pad

One of the best yet most effective ways to stop or get rid of menstrual cramps is to apply heat, as it can help relax the muscles that contribute to cramping. So, applying a heating pad to your lower abdomen or on your back can assist you in overcoming your pain to a considerable extent. Also, using a heating pad or soaking in a warm bath is an easy way to relieve your pain.

2. Pain killers are equally effective

It is a well-known fact that menstrual cramps are painful, but pain killers can be equally effective at minimizing this pain. But should also be kind in mind that different painkillers may react differently. NSAIDs are most likely to work best when reducing period pains and are the best since they reduce prostaglandins, the hormones that arouse the contraction leading to menstrual cramps.

3. Get moving

Whether it’s about staying healthy, young, fit, and even reducing menstrual pains, it’s only the exercises that can help you feel better and better. When undergoing severe menstrual cramps, you may think about rest and relaxing to feel better. But in this situation, keeping yourself active and getting you indulged in doing exercises or physical activities is a good and natural pain reliever.

On the other hand, by being engaged in exercises during this period, a release of endorphins stimulates the chemicals produced by the body, which assists in blocking pain. It also reduces stress.

Also, if you feel like your pad will leak while exercising, you can use moxie menstrual cups. It has made periods easier than ever before. The product is perfectly reliable, reusable, convenient, and an excellent alternative to period disposables. Also, it can be worn for up to 8 hours a day at a time. So, it is apt enough for women having heavy flow or those above 30.

4. Reduce stress levels

Whenever we tend to suffer or undergo massive stress in our lives during menstrual cramps, it directly affects the body in several ways. It may also include lowering your threshold for pain. Though, reducing stress levels can be an effective yet fantastic way to stop menstrual cramps. However, reducing stress is not as easy as it sounds but taking proper steps can ultimately assist you in getting relief from periods of pain.

On the other hand, there are several ways to reduce your stress levels: yoga, deep breathing exercises, counseling, meditation, etc. These ways can help you overcome the pain and make you feel better and more restful.

5. A healthy diet is effective, too.

Last but not least, having a healthy diet at this one of the most uncomfortable and painful times can be highly effective. Menstrual pains can be relieved to a considerable extent by having a healthy diet. Various minerals and vitamins have also been suggested to assist in reducing cramps. Vitamin B1 and magnesium can help in relieving period cramps. So, taking a healthy diet effectively reduces or overcomes period pains.

With the help of the above points, it is clear that menstrual cramps or period pains can be easily reduced or overcome.