It is absolutely right to say that since the inception of the internet, your presence has spread widely over various web-based platforms. In those platforms you share thoughts or you receive news notifications, weather forecast updates, online learning resources and the social media have your personal details.

Those details in your account are protected by the use of passwords or simply well-thought digits that no one else can access them or use them to log into your personal accounts. However, there are people around the world who for instance, know how to hack Gmail password. Thus you should consider protecting your online private life through making your online accounts more secure. Here are the things you can do to make sure your accounts are protected.

Always keep your software updated

A lot of peoples’ accounts become vulnerable to loss of personal data simply because they are utilizing outdated software. So, you should always update your software to make the process of accessing your accounts secure. This is incredibly easy since most software will perform auto updates.

Make use of a secret email address

It is true to say that a few people around you will know your email address. That means they can simply get to know your password anytime you leave your computer turned on or when you are logging into your account in their presence. Remember, you should not trust anyone with your personal details.

Simply create an email address that does not necessarily use your name. You can make use of this email to log into your social media accounts, and your accounts shall remain secure.

Get rid of third-party account links

In most cases, social media users think that it is trendy or a good idea to link your social media accounts with other apps. Though it could be a little bit worth it but you should keep the connections to the minimum. Also, you should delete any of them that you are not utilizing. This reduces the chances of your accounts getting hacked. Finally, manage any apps that are connected to your social media platforms well.

Keep a check on recent activities on your accounts

One good thing about most online accounts is that they will always allow you to view all your recent activities. So, do not take this aspect for granted. It is worth checking so that you can easily notice any malicious activity on your account. Make sure you cancel account permissions for any devices you do not recognize.

Delete any accounts that you are not using

In most cases, old accounts tend to be easy for hackers to get access since no one is keeping them secure. Remember, these accounts can reveal your personal details and can be utilized to access your currently active accounts. So, you should delete them to help keep your data and your accounts secure.


It is true that you would like to experience peace of mind at all times. Well, the only way to achieve that is to make sure your online accounts are safe. So, make use of these ways shared above, and you will experience enhanced protection for your online accounts.