Keeping up with social media in this ever-changing virtual world is quite hectic. There are updates almost every week, and it comes with a lot of new features and tools which engages the users. But the pro Instagrammers know the app to the fullest, and they know how to use the app to get hundreds of like on the post.

It is not easy for everyone to spend a lot of time using the app and acquaint themselves of its feature and tools. But to be successful on this platform, it is the task at hand.

Here we come up with the latest features and tools of Instagram. To start with, the most important point is the audience.

Understand the Audience

One of the most important tasks in using the Instagram account to understand know your audience. It creates awareness about whom you are posting your content to.

There are ways to build up the audience for your page. Either you add the people through your contacts and other social media platforms or explore how to buy Instagram followers. The followers need to be engaged with the post, asking them to comment or direct message on certain topics. This makes them feel part of your brand or personality and leads to better results.

Video Posts

This is basically a sixty-second-long duration clip which is allowed on Instagram. They are kind of regular photo posts which are extended as a video. It allows the user to use the filter, tags, and captions. As per the studies, video posts are more engaging than traditional posts.

Live Videos and Stories

It is different from the video posts. The user can go live, and the followers can be engaged through it. They can comment or send stickers while you are live. It brings authenticity to the account.

This has been a late addition to the app, but it is a great feature. The stories are just like Snapchat. It is limited to 24 hours wherein the followers can view it n number of times.

Push Notifications

This may not be a most used feature, but for the businesses and brands, it is quite important. You would like your followers to turn on notifications for your account. These are for the live updates about the new posts and stories.

Multiple Instagram Accounts

This feature was rolled out in 2016, wherein you are allowed to operate multiple Instagram accounts from the same app. It makes switching between the accounts seamless. This is quite an important feature for the business accounts.

Instagram TV

It is an inbuilt feature of Instagram, which allows you to share the long videos, which might be an hour long. It is the trending feature, and most of the marketers these days are using it.

These are just a few of the Instagram features that we decided to highlight for you. There is still a lot to explore in the platform, and we recommend experimenting with the app as often possible.