Information technology is changing dramatically, and the development of techs like Artificial Intelligence and IoT is changing the market, jobs, and occupations. In the fast-moving world transformed with IT, even big companies like Apple, Google, and Netflix don’t require job candidates to have a four-year college degree. It’s important to have the know-how and key skill, and they realized that a college degree does not guarantee that.

If you don’t have prestigious Computer Science degree from MIT, don’t be discouraged, because there are plenty of high-quality courses that could help you get coding, web development, system administration, big data, machine learning, mobile development, and other essential IT skills. Above mentioned MIT has plenty of its IT classes available free of charge for those who have self-discipline and motivation.

For others, there are great online courses for technical awareness. We have singled out five prominent information technology courses that could elevate your skills and earn you a potential career in a most propulsive part of the economy. There are many pros and some cons for all these courses, and hopefully, you will find the ideal one.

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Best online IT courses

Learning how to code can make you a valuable asset in the competitive jobs market. The offer of free and paid online courses related to information technology is enormous, and most of the online learning platforms and marketplaces tend to follow the trends in education and improve their content and user experience. So, let’s start with our best online IT courses.


Very popular online learning platform for a wide range of programming languages including JavaScript, Phyton, CSS, and others. The online Codeacademy courses are mostly free, but there are paid plans which give you access to some advanced courses and live support.

Codeacademy has improved over time since its inception in 2011, and now their classes are divided into three branches: Web development which include HTML\CSS and JavaScript, Programming and Computer Science with Phyton and CMD Line courses and Data Science which also features Phyton and SQL. The paid plan is called Codeacademy Pro, which includes quizzes, portfolio-building projects, and customized plans.

Codeacademy can be a place where you learn to code, or you can boost your college knowledge with more insight on a certain subject. For those who need help in college, online programming courses are not the only thing out there. Some college students are great with coding but have troubles with essays. Edubirdie’s writing help can assist students that are not good in expressing their thoughts and points into a written concept. With that, they could refocus on IT education.

Sans Cyber Aces Online

Sans Institute developed Cyber Aces Online. This online IT learning platform offers training in security, and it works through three modules: Operating Systems, Networking, and Systems Administrations. The first modules are self-explanatory, and it focuses on Linux through CentOS LiveCD in VMware Player. The course guides you through concepts and commands. The other part of the course focuses on Windows.

Networking teaches the fundamentals needed to protect the network with the focus on protocols used on different layers of the network.

If you want a course in system administration, Cyber Aces online gives you an overview of tools for most used administrative functions. You will go through PHP and PERL on An Apache webserver and GBU BASH and Microsoft Powershell scripting from the command line.

Sans will give you very competent, but the basic course for cybersecurity.


Udemy is an online learning platform, and one of the most popular in the world. It’s also the largest such community with over 30 million students and over 100,000 courses. With such a large volume of courses, some are great, and some are not so exceptional. Luckily, there is a grading and reviewing system, and the best-rated courses will pop up. There are some free courses, but for most of them you will need to pay, and the pricing is not straightforward and clear. Udemy offers courses in Web Development, back-end programming, IT management, support, Networking, Database, IS management, and many more. Some examples of courses are Complete Phyton Bootcamp: Go from zero to hero, The Data Science Course 2019, Learn Ethical Hacking From Scratch.

Enabling Technologies for Data Science and Analytics: The Internet of Things offers a wide variety of courses, and many of them are IT classes. This edX course focuses on the new and very popular area of information technology. By the end of 2020 prediction say there will be more than 25 billion connected devices.

This course offers basics of networks, protocols, and software used in IoT concepts. Students will learn how automated decision and control work within IoT and what devices, sensors, hubs, and gateways platform needs. An important part of the course is data collection and analysis, as well as modern techniques that include face recognition, security surveillance, and image search engines.

The course is free; it lasts for five weeks with required up to 10 hours per week. If you want a verified certificate, you will need to pay $149.

 Khan Academy

Founded in 2008, Khan Academy is a Massive Open Online Courses marketplace with free courses in a variety of subjects. It’s one of the few online learning platforms that are completely free in every aspect. All of the courses are in the form of a YouTube video, and the content is good and reputable. There are some gamification features; the courses include a dashboard, videos, exercises, and level system for getting experience points. As for the information technology courses, Khan Academy offers Computer programming, Computer Science and Animation.

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 Bottom line

If you want to get a job in the IT sector, or in other areas of the economy that requires Computer Science experts there are a vast number of exceptional free and paid online courses. Don’t be discouraged if you’re not attending college, but you have to realize that time and effort are crucial for online courses as well. For total newbies, there are basic courses, and you could scale up to certificate grade online IT courses. Self-motivation and a clear idea of what you want are the main requirements if you seriously want to adopt the knowledge and know-how. Before embarking on a coding course, read the reviews, and find the perfect match between online learning platform, the preferred subject, and reviews.

Joshua Robinson is a long term EduBirdie associate and contributor to many authority sites. His focus is on practical and helpful articles and blog posts. Joshua has a mission to research and spends time to tackle complex topics and turn them into how-to or the best of type of articles.