Finding the appropriate linear motion technology that would suit all the technical requirements is not always an easy task. However, the 2000 lb linear actuator manufactured by the US and Canada automation leader Progressive Automations is definitely one of those rare examples of versatile technologies that can be used for totally different purposes sticking to the same unchangeable effectiveness level.

Multifunctionality that Realizes Dreams

This 9.8-inches-long Heavy Duty actuator can become an ideal option for engineering solutions in the field of industrial production automation processes, ventilation installations and other industrial equipment with control through programmable microcontroller devices like powerful single-board Raspberry Pi computers or Arduino microcontrollers. The design of the actuator provides simple compatibility with most other Progressive Automations original products. This and many other actuators of this manufacturer come with adjustable specifications that can be changed in accordance with the need of each particular project.

Adjustable Design

There are many ways how the work of the linear actuator can be adjusted to fit into the concept of engineering progress. For example, simple limit switches can change the direction of a liner actuator movement when it reaches its end positions in order to prevent the actuator from overload as well as to provide the repetitive work over and over again. Furthermore, when reaching out to the technical support, customers can even order the custom variant, which will cover the requirement wanted by customers for their projects. Among the variables that can be changed in the custom order are speed, stroke, internal limit switches, force, voltage, mounting holes, dimensions, and finally wire length.

Linear Actuators Benefits

Cost-effective – The availability of built-in onboard relay and electronic overload protection gives customers significant safety and helps to save some money. At it is not only about savings on the purchase of components of the system, but also time savings in preparing the drawings and wiring diagrams, installation and testing. Actuator PA-17 is an economically feasible alternative to the use of pneumatic actuators and gear motors, as well as conventional linear actuators.

Safety – Thanks to the built-in safety system – electronic overload protection (EOP) scheme, the possibility of damage to the actuator and the resulting mechanism due to unforeseen overload can be forgotten. In addition, constant control of the temperature of the electric motor ensures, when exceeding the recommended working cycle, disabling the actuator and preventing it from overheating and malfunctioning. In all cases, when the security system is launched the actuator work stops, which can be used as an error signal.

End Stroke Stop Control – The built-in limit switch ensures that the actuator is switched off when reaching the endpoint of movement. In this case, the user receives an appropriate signal.

Energy Consumption Economy – In recent years, energy savings have become the most important factor according to the selection of industrial equipment users. The actuators of Progressive Automation differs from others by their significantly lower level of energy consumption when compared to pneumatic systems.

Adjustability with Control Boxes and Rocker Switches – Almost all of the PA actuators can be used along with all options of control boxes that provide the smooth and impeccable actuator performance. The only exception is the PA-17, which can not be used with PA-20, PA-22, and PA-24 control boxes models. All control units provide by this manufacturer undergo significant testing as well as linear actuators itself.

With a great diversity of linear automation products, different engineering spheres regularly find the solutions that help to move the automation development process straight to the future. Linear actuator technologies are not only solutions that allow creating convenient projects related to home, office and even transport automation, but they are also the step toward a more pleasurable and comfortable world where the work should not obligatory be done by a human hand.