You shouldn’t consider all your old items as waste or liability. Some of them are opportunities to make extra money for you. One of these items is your old car. That old car parked in your garage can earn you money.

You don’t need to keep running recurring costs that’ll continue to take more out of your budget due to the maintenance routine to keep it on the road for as long as possible. The truth is that your old car costing you money and garage space might just be your way to earn extra cash. There are lots of ways you can monetize your old car even if it no longer runs.

Below are five ways you can make extra money with your old car:

  1. Scrap Your Old Car To A Car Wrecker

This is one of the most lucrative means of monetizing your old car. Scrapping your car is a means of recycling it for other purposes while you earn on it. However, most people do end up scrapping off their cars at a cheaper rate simply because they don’t know their cars may be worth more than what they’re being offered. This is why it’s advisable to sell your car to a professional car wrecker such as the car wreckers Tauranga to get the most out of your old car.

The great thing about scraping is there’s always extra money to be made on your old car whether it’s running or not. The amount you’ll be offered depends on the part of your old car that can be salvaged for other purposes. The scrap price will be calculated based on the current scrap metal prices. Other factors that determine the scrap price include your car model, year, condition, location to the scrapyard, and others.

  1. Sell Your Old Car To A Buyer

Another way to make extra money on your old car is by selling it. Many people are into old cars due to certain reasons as long as it’s still running. There are also auto retailers ready to buy your old cars. Some will even offer you a chance to use your old car as part of the payment to acquire a new one.

If you plan on making a profit on your old car, try your best to keep it in a usable condition as much as possible since most potential buyers aren’t into a dead old car. Keep a good servicing record to impress your potential buyers. You may also need to invest in both the interior and exterior parts of your old car to make it look presentable as this is a determining factor for the price you’ll be offered.

However, you don’t need to invest in a needless maintenance routine to sell your old car at a fair price. As long as your car is running, passes the state safety inspection, and escapes those things that can compromise the safety of the car and the driver, you should get a fair cash offer for it.

  1. Rent Out Your Old Car

If your old car is good to run the road, you can consider starting a rental business with it to make extra money, especially if it’s large. You may invest in its appearance probably with car wax or paint to make it look presentable and attractive to potential clients to go on vacation, property moving, equipment transportation, business trips, and others.

All you have to do is to create awareness about having a car to rent out to anyone in need of it. You can also decide to invest in the awareness process by pasting bills and posters. But you may not need to spend at all to publicize your rental business. Simply start by informing your friends, coworkers, relatives, and neighbors to create great publicity.

Old Car (Clipping Path Included)

Renting out your car in this digital age doesn’t require much when it comes to publicizing and investment. You can simply list your car for rent on any of the available popular renting apps available in several states and cities. All you need to do is take a clean shot of your car and follow the due procedure of listing cars on such apps to start earning money on your old car.

  1. Engage In Private Driving Services

Using your old car for a driving job is one of the convenient ways to make extra cash. What this mostly requires is a valid driving license and your old car to be good enough to run the streets. Almost everyone needs the services of an automobile to move them from one location to another.

This is why putting up your old car into a driving service will ensure extra money as there are many people in need of your old car services for you. Although there are public means of transportation that the masses mostly prefer, there are people willing to hire your driving service due to privacy and other reasons.

Driving job is quite easy nowadays due to the many apps available to connect you to passengers in a set location. You get paid through these apps, including some other bonuses, depending on the platform you’re registered on.

  1. Use Your Old Car For Courier Service

You can start a courier service today to make extra money with your old car. People need courier services to deliver their messages, mails, groceries, goods, and packages from one place to another. You can start by getting in touch with a company that’s into courier services and merge your old car as one of the means of transportation for the company to perform their courier services.

The courier business has grown extensively since the beginning of the pandemic. And up till now, the type of convenience that courier services offer people seems to have come to stay. There’s been a high demand for drivers to transport packages and deliver them to different locations. Make use of this convenient opportunity to earn extra cash on your old car.


Your old car can make you extra money in many ways by scrapping it to a car wrecker, renting it out, selling it, using it for private driving services, and having a courier service. Among all these ways, find the most convenient for you that’d also befit your old car to start earning that extra cash.