Nowadays, many business owners face difficulties with internal communication. With remote work gaining more popularity, enterprises need to set powerful and effective online interactions. Online chats and short video calls are the most widely used communication tools. If you want to build a healthy work environment, pay attention to utilizing them properly. In this article, you’ll find tips on how to improve communication in the company during remote work.

Benefits of Internal Communication

Internal communication is a supporting function for businesses that helps build an effective interaction between departments and employees. Once you hire professionals, your company should ensure decent working conditions for them on all levels. So let’s explore why it is important to build effective communication with your team.

It is essential for timely and complete employee informing, getting feedback, developing horizontal connections, supporting corporate culture, and implementing company values.

Unfortunately, remote work makes it difficult to keep employees motivated. People work from their homes, and their productivity falls. To tackle this issue, you should increase their engagement in the work process and company life. A great solution is to use an information streaming platform and share different news on your business and projects.

This internal communication strategy will keep employees informed and engaged in discussions. Make people hear and value their opinion, and you will see how better engagement helps grow your brand and increase productivity.

Ways to Enhance Internal Communication

Take a look at six efficient tips for improving virtual interaction with your employees.

#1 Team-Building Activities

You can arrange different virtual team-building activities by interacting via online communication tools. For example, invite your employees for a virtual party, watch films together, drink, dance, have fun, and do not pay attention to the fact that you’re separated by computer screens.

Discuss different topics, distract from working routine, and let every person self-express in the course of team building. It will help employees build trust, better engage, and work more productively since they understand the strength of their team.

#2 Make Time for Your Subordinates

During virtual team-building activities, try to pay attention to each member of your company. There are different ways to communicate with your team even when circumstances are not favorable, and you have to stay home. You can use communication tools like video call platforms or social media.

Here it’s important not to overdo and follow on social media all your subordinates. Moreover, address employees not only when they have some work problem, but make them feel important by praising and appreciating their effort.

#3 Learn Their Communication Preferences

In order to boost the internal communication level in your company, it’s vital to discover what communication channels and types of communication your employees prefer. You will not be able to effectively interact if your team prefers chatting or voice messages, and you make them go to video calls.

Besides, pay attention to the way you communicate with your employees during team-building activities. Use informal language, joke, text with emojis, send memes, etc. If your team is into visual communication, create a pack of your company stickers and memes. It’ll be helpful for reducing tension and having your internal “secrets.”

#4 Arrange Online Events

There are so many creative virtual events to impress your team, increase their engagement and enrich their knowledge. If you feel like some of your team members need support and skills training, think about arranging an online workshop. Create online conferences and webinars where employees can interact and share their experiences. You can benefit from webcam software for Windows 10 to ensure a quality online meeting.

Another side of online events is interactions and informal communication. Here you can create interactive activities, quizzes, and other online entertainments to eliminate stress caused by remote work. Play games, sing in karaoke, take photos, shoot videos, and enjoy time with your team to conquer new heights together.

#5 Give Feedback

It is an effective strategy of in-team communication to provide clear and constructive feedback. Less criticize the employees and try to be polite and reasonable in commenting on their work and behavior. If it’s needed, provide solutions and examples for problem-solving and never leave a person alone with the issue.

Besides, it’s crucial to consider their opinion and give them the possibility to share their feedback as well. Conduct surveys, interviews, or simply talk to them. It’s a good idea to let people express their opinion anonymously and see real problems. Many will not openly complain about their colleagues or boss, but it’ll be a chance to speak out. So be honest and communicate with your team, encouraging them for open-mindedness too.

#6 Use Different Communication Tools

Your employees should have the best team communication tools to interact remotely. But the challenge is that they may use different services, and you need to have a single platform to unite the team. If you have a sufficient budget and your team counts hundreds of employees, develop your service for internal interaction.

It’s also good to use social media platforms and create a chat where people can share ideas, discuss options, and cope with stress. Another creative solution is to make an online whiteboard for employees to draw or write their thoughts and ideas. Make group video calls to see each other if you feel like chatting is not sufficient. However, this option will be appropriate for small businesses as some platforms can not house many call participants.


Today’s conditions make us seek new solutions to undergo any challenges, like distance working. One of the key elements of your business success is the level and frequency of interaction of employers with superiors and each other. Thus, communicate with your team, support and understand every member, and you’ll yield tremendous results.