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Social media has its perks, such as providing great opportunities for business leaders to engage directly with their clients, employees, and competitors globally. LinkedIn is one such popular space for professionals and organizations to engage audiences in trending conversations.

Following passionate business leaders on LinkedIn allows you to stay abreast of current company updates and relevant industry news. It also allows them to make their brands align with your needs. Doing so also brings you closer to enjoying some of the benefits of following inspiring personalities and LinkedIn pages.

6 Inspiring Canadian Business Leaders’ LinkedIn Accounts To Follow

If you need the inspiration to start a business, you need to follow the right people on LinkedIn. Here is a list of top business leaders you can follow for relevant business tips.

1. Fabio Marrama

If you’re thinking about a top business and marketing leader in Canada, Fabio Marrama should be the one running on your mind. Fabio is ranked among the Top 10 in Canada during the Canadian National Enactus Entrepreneurship Challenge.

In 2017, he was awarded the Top 40 Under 40 Business Achievement Award in Hamilton for standing out as the best Business professional. Top publications like Forbes, The Spec, and Social Media Examiner mention him often.

Fabio is a top brand community builder and LinkedIn Marketing authority, having shared over 10 million post and video views. He is fortunate to be endorsed by global influencers as a “Must -Follow” on LinkedIn.

Many of his posts portray him as an inspirational speaker, empowering business leaders and marketers to impact the online space.

2. Eugene Melnyk

Despite his love for sport and popularity in the National Hockey League as the Ottawa Senators owner, Eugene Melnyk is an aggressive businessman. He rose to his position on the team after purchasing the Senators Sports and Entertainment in 2003.

He has other businesses as well. In 2019 he acquired Neurolign Technologies Inc. – a private diagnostic and pharmaceutical company. His company aimed to bring diagnostic solutions to neurological conditions to both physicians and their patients.

He is also the owner of Clean Beauty Collective Inc., which he acquired in 2009. While they aim to provide users with beauty products, they are more concerned about users’ safety and comfort while using their beauty products.

That’s not all. Melnyk also owns a Real Estate Development Company – the Winding Oaks Real Estate Development Co., which he acquired in 2001. On the ranch, he reared horses, which took part in horse racing. He won the 14 Sovereign Awards after being recognized as Canadian owner of the year and breeder of the year in 2009.

3. Swish Goswami

Swish Goswami is a young CEO of Trufan at only 23 years of age. Trufan is an audience engagement platform that helps brands make smart marketing decisions using first-party data.

For his philanthropic and entrepreneurial achievement, he was on the list of Canada’s Top 20 under 20 and Bay Street Bull’s 30 under 30. In both, he was recognized as Face and Future of Canadian Entrepreneurship.

Swish is recognized as a Top LinkedIn Voice with over 150 million content views. He shares articles, videos, and engaging content on entrepreneurship, mental health, and social media marketing strategies in his posts.

4. Ryan Holmes

This vibrant person is the Chairman and Co-founder at Hootsuite, which is a social media management tool. Ryan is a serial entrepreneur and a recognized global influencer in the social media space. Notably, he is an active investor, future enthusiast, and advisor to anyone with a tech startup in Canada.

Additionally, he is also a tech enthusiast and inventor of a low-cost standing desk. He is privileged to be ranked as a Top Global influencer on Linked In.

He has a rich portfolio of insights that he shares on LinkedIn. He shares insights on numerous topics such as:

  • How to maintain a positive company culture
  • Tips on how to thrive in the technology world
  • The latest social media trends
  • Tips for becoming the best business leader

Ryan’s support for socially conscious ventures and posts on technology comes in handy for investors yearning for new ideas. You can surely not count him out on your list of people you need to follow for business insight on LinkedIn.

5. Elon Musk

The founder of SpaceX is the famous and the richest man alive, Elon Musk. He is an indisputable business icon, industrial engineer, and design. SpaceX’s core purpose is to bring tremendous change in space technology and increase the possibility of human beings living on other planets. It is considered one of the top world innovative companies that will soon see humans being launched into space more frequently.

Through SpaceX’s LinkedIn account, Elon shares about a series of outstanding achievements. 2010 saw the company enjoy fame after the safe return of their spacecraft from low-Earth orbit. 2012 marked the possibility of a sustainable space transportation system.

After their Dragon spacecraft successfully attached itself to the international space station, delivered cargo, and its safe return to earth. In subsequent years the Dragon is synonymous with the delivery of freight to and from space.

6. Darine BenAmara

Are you trying to figure out ways to support women in Leadership roles? Well, Darine BenAmara is the person to follow for such tips. Darine has experience in coaching and impacting over 5000 professional women and entrepreneurs.

She shares with her audience insights on how to build a Personal Brand and how to position yourself. Furthermore, she shares tips for increasing one’s visibility in pursuing their career advancement and leadership roles. She has documented all this in her book “The Smart Woman Guide Networking.”

Final Words

These outstanding business leaders in Canada have a very active engagement schedule across their social media. That has helped them promote their businesses while getting feedback from their audience. Whether you plan to start a business or seek tips to expand yours, follow the successful people in the niche of your interest.