Because of the pandemic, many of our usual pleasures have been taken away from us. Most restaurants are closed so you can’t go out to dine and gyms are closed as well… so if you’re stressed, it can be rough to find a good way to relax. If you enjoy going to the spa for a full treatment, it might be handy to buy your own spa that you can for instance put in your garden. COVID-10 stresses everyone out, you might as well take some time for yourself each night to destress in the hot, bubbling water. But unwinding isn’t the only health benefit a spa has!

Benefits for your body and mind

Spa’s, hottubs and warm water pools have been enjoyed for years and years, going back as far as Roman times! The warm water is great for your muscles. If you suffer from any kind of pain, warm water feels really soothing. Warm water doesn’t just have an effect on your muscles, it can also clear up a nasty headache. Did you know that the warm water dilates your blood vessels, which decreases pressure in your head? If a big Advil doesn’t get rid of your headache, your own spa might!

Sleep better after soaking

Do you often struggle with falling asleep? Or do you sleep very restless, tossing and turning all night? Then you might be prone to grab sleep aids … but have you tried getting in a spa late at night? Soaking in the warm water will make your muscles relax as mentioned before, but it will also raise your body temperature, which gives you that tired feeling. If you feel yourself getting drowsy, get out soon and get in bed straight away! That means: no distractions from your phone or anything else! A few studies have shown that soaking in warm water before going to bed, let the participants sleep deeper and better. Enjoy your sleep!

Soaking in a spa is great for your cardiovascular health

Enjoying a spa session doesn’t only have benefits that you can feel straight away, such as achy muscles that feel better. It can also give you health benefits you can’t see. For instance, relaxing in a hot tub raises your heart rate and lowers your blood pressure. The hot water has a big effect on your heart, which may reduce cardiovascular risks.

Soaking even burns calories!

And did you know that a 2016 study found out that participants who soaked in hot water for an hour, burned about the same amount of calories as the participants who went on a walk for 30 minutes? Of course we still recommend everyone to work out every now and then, but if you really don’t feel like it, you can always enjoy a few lovely hours in your spa. Even if you do workout a lot, resting out for a day in hot water is great for your muscles … and apparently even when you’re relaxing, you’re burning some calories. Super handy!

Spend time alone.. or with your loved ones

This might not really be a health benefit… but it is a benefit! When you own a spa, you have to clear some time of your day to really enjoy it. Otherwise buying your own spa would have been a waste of money. For some people, it is lovely ‘me-time’; time when you don’t have to think about work or anything else. Other people love that soaking can be done while chatting with family. If you and your partner, or even you, your partner and your kids are always super busy, it can be lovely to take some time every week to enjoy sitting together and talking about your week. And you can even make it a romantic evening for your partner if you bring a bottle of champagne!

If this all sounds lovely to you, but you don’t think you have the budget for a spa, we have good news: many brands have come out with inflatable spa’s (Dutch: opblaasbaar bubbelbad) these last few years, and these are really affordable! An inflatable spa can also be brought inside the house easier than a big, built-in one.

We hope you enjoy soaking in your spa!