How often have you struggled juggling study and life together? How many times have you told someone that you couldn’t prepare for the test as you didn’t get time to do so or you had to skip dinner to complete the load of assignments? Have you ever thought where did the 24 hours of a day go?

Most individuals find it the most difficult to manage their time efficiently and take time out to write the perfect college essay. While you can always rely on reliable services like for this bit, you need to find a way to be able to bring balance in your life.

There is definitely somewhere that you’re going wrong. Put your thinking cap on and think about it. The most probable reason for not being able to balance your study and life is your routine. It’s not actually just your routine that you need to work on, but various other aspects would be a part of it.

Are you wondering how to go about it? Because apparently, you seem to be left with no time after school. You might not realize but you waste a lot of your valuable time, either on something unimportant or spending too much time on one thing. If you’re looking for some tips that will help you bring about the study – life balance, then our guide is surely going to help you strike a perfect balance!

Set Your Mind

It all starts when you make up your mind. Planning is good but accomplishing those plans is far more important. If you already have had enough of your direction-less schedule and you finally have decided to get over it, you better stick to it. Sort habits that are damaging and try to first limit and then get rid of them. Say good-bye to procrastination as it would be your deadly enemy all the way and would give you a tough time. It’s really important to convince yourself for a certain change for your good. Set your mind and do not back off.

Maintain a Journal

It is always a good idea to keep a record of things. It helps you stay organized and motivated. Maintain a journal and include all the activities you love doing, the short-term goals that you want to achieve, your thoughts that keep your mind preoccupied with your daily or weekly schedules that you need to strictly follow, and anything. The key here is – don’t mess it up with unnecessary stuff. Keep your journal for important things only. A journal would keep track of your activities. Updating it everyday will even bring a fun activity to your everyday routine as well. Having something to look forward to is enough motivation in itself!

Set Goals for Yourself

Setting goals is important. Giving yourself day-to-day or week-to-week challenges would help you bring the time that’s available in best use. You will be able to manage your tasks better. DO not just set goals, but also mention the timelines during which you need to achieve those and see yourself change into a new version.

Enough of being the couch-potato! When you achieve your goals, no matter how small or big, you will be motivated to do better and achieve more. And that’s what will keep you going! Not to mention – it will save some of your valuable time when you roam around aimlessly!

Dedicate Time for Yourself

With a messed-up schedule, you pay very less or negligible attention to yourself. That’s bad! You should be your utmost priority. Although the guide is whole about you, but this in particular, has to do with your self-care. If you are not physically sound or mentally sane, then you are good for nothing.

Take care of your health and have a proper timely diet. Taking a walk when the sun is down might help you relieve stress and keep you fresh. Do all your favorite DIY hair and skin masks, yoga or hit the gym and acquire hobbies that you may find soothing like gardening, etc. Remember that if you stay sound, your routine does too. And with that, you are better able to balance your study and routine life.

Set Limits

We have all grown up to this famous saying that “Excess of anything is bad” and it’s legit true. If you spend too much time on anything, be it your studies or any other thing, you will feel exhausted in no time, both physically and mentally. Let’s say you’re obsessed with PlayStation. You plan on playing your favorite game for an hour before you start your homework. However, you end up spending 3 hours on the game.

What’s the result? Your homework time suffers. Similarly, spending the entire day on your homework isn’t wise either. It is very important to set limits and to stick to them. Limits mean nothing as long as they don’t have an impact on you. Having a fixed time for everything is the best way to achieve a study – life balance.

Set Rewards

Treating yourself over achievements, big or small, plays an important role in keeping you motivated. Just as all the dieters have cheat meals, gym freaks have cheat days, which they take as rewards for their consistency and pulling of the challenges, you can have certain cheats in your schedule too.

Everyone has certain habits that engulf them so deep that they’re really left with no time on their hands to do anything else. You just can’t get rid of those habits that easily. You don’t even have to get rid of them. All you need to do, as we mentioned above, is set limits and stick to them. However, the question is – how do you keep yourself consistent and dedicate to the set plans and limits?

Well, this is where the concept of reward that we are talking about comes in. Set rewards for yourself. Like allowing yourself to watch an episode on Netflix after completing half of your homework or play a game on PlayStation for an hour after you are done preparing for a test. This way, you’ll keep yourself engaged in one thing at a time, so that you can make time for the next exciting thing on the list!

Be a Little Flexible

A little flexibility is mandatory. Sometimes, certain new commitments pop in our way, saying a BIG NO to which is not always an option. For example, your mother had to leave for some chores and asked you to look after your younger sibling. What now? Would you tell her you can’t because you have work to do? No, you can’t and you shouldn’t.

You should always leave room for flexibility. If anything unplanned comes up that wasn’t on your schedule for the day, you should see where you can adjust it. You can take something that isn’t as urgent down. Like you can skip Netflix for a day, can’t you? But you certainly can’t skip homework. Flexibility is an integral factor that can help you achieve the perfect study – life balance.


Your life doesn’t only revolve around your study. You have family, friends, hobbies, and yourself to take care of too. In fact, only if you maintain a study – life balance will you be able to lead a happy life. Otherwise, you will only help up feeling exhausted and frustrated, which will do you no good.

Your friends and family hold the same importance as pursuance of your career in your life does. Spend your time wisely and live life to its fullest so that, in the end, you do not regret what you didn’t do. Have a balance and do whatever it takes to maintain it. Good luck!