Wearing clothes is one way we get to express our individuality. Even with something as simple as picking a color or a pattern, we are showing the world who we are and what we like. And with the summer heat still beating down on us, we can enjoy maxi dresses and use these dresses to express our personalities. If you’re unsure of what your personality is, you can take a personality test to find out. If you already know, find your personality type below to find what maxi dress accentuates your personality in 2019.

1. Classic Personality Type



A classic personality type is focused on adding “investment pieces” to your closet. And the price is not a deal-breaker. You’re looking for good quality clothing that can be worn for many occasions. For the persons who pride themselves on being classy without trying too hard, you’d be looking for a maxi dress that is rather simple. Something you could dress up or dress down, depending on your day. A classic black maxi dress is perfect for this personality. Adding jewelry and sandals can take this outfit to date night, while sneakers can transform it into the perfect errand-running day.

2. Boho-Chic Personality Type



Do you live the beach lifestyle? Are you laid back? Then this style is for you. Bohemian, boho for short, is influenced by artists, free-spirits and hippies. Often this personality type wears earth tones or patterns, flowy clothing, and fringe. You can also expect to see tribal prints and layering of jewelry to complete any outfit. Balance is important here to not overdo the style. A super flowy maxi dress, styled with a fedora-type hat and sandals, will make you look ready for the next big music festival or a walk through a flower field.

3. Trendy Personality Type



The trendy personality type is constantly following what’s new in the fashion world. You tend to be very modern and aren’t interested in classic, neutral pieces of clothing. The Year 2019 is all about denim, athleisure, and wrap dresses. A wrap maxi dress will have you on fleek with the latest trends. Depending on how dramatic of a wrap dress you are wanting to wear, you could go pick a dress that is a true wrap dress or one that mimics a wrap dress. Or whatever was seen on the latest red carpet.

4. Romantic Personality Type



The romantic personality type is very ladylike and clean-cut. You tend to have more skirts and dresses in your closet than any other item. Romance incorporates flowers, pastel colors, and embracing being “girly.” This type may be known for wearing lace and bows. Anything with a lovely feminine touch. This fashion type is also very transitional from day to night. The maxi dresses for this type will be floral, flowy, and elegant. This pairs well with sparkly sandals, heels, and jewelry.

5. Casual Personality Type



The casual personality doesn’t really pay attention to what’s trending. Comfort is key to the personality type who dresses casually. Most pieces of clothing are relaxed with little details. With little effort, this style can show exactly who you are. Sneakers are often worn with all outfits, and that would be no different with a maxi dress. Since maxi dresses are already flowy and non-restricting, the casual type will rejoice. Most will focus on basic colors like black or navy blue. The perfect fit would be a t-shirt maxi dress.

6. Rebellious Personality Type



When it comes to rebellious personality type, they will be unconventional and edgy. They will stand out and feel completely confident. This may come through in their fashion choices by mismatching patterns and their willingness to wear anything. They also focus on wearing loose-fitting clothing that might be paired with a flannel shirt and beanie. A maxi dress for them would be bold patterns and darker colors paired with combat boots.

7. Creative Personality Type



Like the rebellious personality type, creative is bold and unconventional. The main difference here is the use of bold colors. A creative person is very eclectic in their choices, including clothing. This style can be considered quirky, fun, and even “hipster.” A maxi dress that would best suit this type would be daring in color and pattern. Something that stands out and makes the creative person feel confident yet put together.

The Final Word

Each personality is unique, and one great way to really embrace who you are as an individual is through your sense of style. Maxi dresses are a versatile piece of clothing as it can be worn by many different personality types without having to waiver who the individual is. The seven personality types above show how each can wear and style a maxi dress to accentuate their sense of style.