When you think of cosmetic surgery, you probably think of women having liposuction, butt lifts, or collagen injections. There are, however, many more types of surgeries that can be done, and it is not just for women. Increasingly men have recognized the many benefits of cosmetic surgeries to achieve the body shape and toned body that they desire.

While diet and exercise can help in keeping us healthy and intoning our bodies, it is not always possible to achieve the look we want because there are also genetic factors that impact how we look. In fact, there are various cosmetic surgeries and procedures that can be helpful for men in achieving the look that they want, whether that is having problems such as excess breast tissue or needing a tummy tuck or nose job done.

Male breast enlargement

Male breast enlargement is known as gynecomastia and is a condition that is mainly caused by hormonal imbalances. This imbalance is between the male hormone testosterone and female hormone estrogen, with too much estrogen relative to the testosterone resulting in breast development. In general, males do produce some estrogen, but it should be less than the amount of testosterone being secreted.

Testosterone is the hormone that controls the development of male traits such as muscle mass development and body hair, while estrogens control female traits such as breast development.

Although the hormonal imbalance is the most common cause of the condition, it can also sometimes be due to other factors such as medication or kidney problems, and sometimes obesity. A fair number of medications can actually cause gynecomastia as well, for example, anabolic steroids, diazepam, and some drugs that treat fertility problems.

Gynecomastia is a problem that men are embarrassed and which often leads to feelings of low self-esteem and self-worth. The condition can occur at birth, at puberty or even later in life. When the condition happens later in life, it is usually after age 50 years.

What treatments are there for gynecomastia?

Breast reduction surgery is the most effective way to treat gynecomastia if the enlarged breasts remain for more than a year or so. It is important for men to first speak with a doctor and see if they can determine the underlying cause of the condition since if it is a side effect of medication, then they may be able to reverse the effect once the medication is stopped.

There are certain medications which have been approved for use in treating gynecomastia, including some breast cancer drugs like tamoxifen. However, this may not work for everyone in which case breast reduction surgery in which excess tissue is surgically removed is the best option.

Tummy tuck for men

A tummy tuck is called an abdominoplasty, and this is a popular surgery for both women and men. Many people have fat around the belly that simply won’t go away no matter what they try to do. It has become much more common today for men to get tummy tucks as they try to achieve a flat stomach and help improve the appearance of their midsection.

It is particularly common to gain weight over the stomach and abdomen in men as they get older. Women also tend to put on more weight as they age, particularly after menopause, but fat deposition tends to be more on the thighs and buttocks, but can also be on the stomach area.

Surgery is also useful in removing extra folds of skin in cases where a person has lost a great deal of weight. In general, an abdominoplasty includes removing fat and skin from certain parts of the abdomen.

This process involves making an incision low down in the abdomen and then removing the tissue and tightening up the muscles of the abdomen. Diet and exercise may be helpful in retaining your figure after the tummy tuck procedure has been done.

Nose jobs and cheekbone work – useful procedures for men?

Rhinoplasty is also a procedure that many men show interest in since the nose is such an important part of a person’s face. A nose job is a useful way to reduce the size of your nose and to change the shape to make a more aesthetically appealing feature.

Nose jobs are a fairly common surgery that has a low risk of complications. In the case where a closed rhinoplasty is done, there is very little scarring and quick recovery time. However, each person is different, and for some men, an open type rhinoplasty surgery may be needed.

In addition, men can get work done on their faces to accentuate their cheekbones. Over time both men and women start to show the signs of aging, which besides wrinkles, includes sagging skin on the face.

The use of cheek implants and fillers can really help make a man’s cheekbones more pronounced, which in turn gives a more masculine appearance to the face.

Different types of implants are available for use, with some being made of natural substances such as hyaluronic acid or even a person’s own body fat, while others are made of an artificial substance. It is usually best to have an implant with a natural substance as this is less likely to provoke an immune response in your body.

Dental procedures

There are many options men can choose from to improve their smile. One of the easiest choices is to get dental veneers done to improve the shape and appearance of the front teeth. This can significantly improve a person’s smile.

Dental implants are the best choice for men who are missing teeth since the implants are strong, functional, and aesthetically pleasing. Implants are more expensive than other dental prostheses and procedures, but it is the best possible option when teeth are missing.

Another option is to have your teeth whitened, which is particularly useful if you drink a lot of coffee or smoke cigarettes since these can stain the teeth. To find out more about all the cosmetic procedures, click here.