If you have been assigned to plan and execute an event on behalf of your employer or college, remember that this is your chance to shine out. This is a great opportunity to demonstrate your skills in management and execution. However, the entire feat can be very exhausting and can even backfire if a small mistake turns into a blunder. Make sure that you avoid these mistakes when planning your event.

Starting Late

The biggest blunder that you can do when planning an event is starting late. Planning an event is not an easy fit. You will have to address a thousand little things, a hundred big things, and quite a few of them will go wrong. That means that you will need adequate time for contingency plans and unforeseen circumstances. Moreover, you will need to leave some extra time to plan out your PR and promotional activities. Market research is also a critical element of event planning which will take some of your time.

Not Having a Plan

Once you have your initial data from your market research, you need to draft a formal event plan. Most new event planner undermines the importance of having a formal event planning document. Going without a plan will make you clueless and directionless, and you will often be confused about what to do next. Have a comprehensive event plan that outlines your objectives and how do you plan to achieve them. Do a SWOT analysis for your event and highlight all the challenges that you will face. Chalk out a strategy regarding how will you go ahead with your promotions.

Budget and Feasibility Estimates

A successful event has a lot to do with budgeting and feasibility. Factor in all your costs such as premises rentals, food, logistics, labor, vendor cost, etc. Outline a sales forecast and revenue forecast to evaluate your cash inflow from different sources so that you get an idea about how much money you need to inject. Prepare a feasibility report that covers both financial and nonfinancial areas. Highlight what opportunities can be tapped to bring down costs and increase revenues and what potential factors can hinder your strategy.

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Pettycon (CC0), Pixabay

Not Using technology

A lot of us are still loyal to our good old notepads and sticky notes, but technology is here to make our lives easier. There are several tech tools, including event planning software that can help you speed up your tasks and that too very effectively. Make use of the technology as much as you can to cut down your costs and save your time.

Vendors and Suppliers

During your planning and preparation, you will have to rely on suppliers and vendors that will provide you with infrastructure and logistical support. You will find various vendors that will quote you different prices, but avoid falling for those who sound too good to be true. You would not want your stage to collapse in the middle of a performance. Pick a reliable event production company and try to negotiate as good a price as possible. Having a good vendor on board save you from a lot of hassle.