When it comes to sending money from the US to other parts of the world, you have to mention MoneyGram in the same sentence as Western Union. The money transfer service allows you to send cash to relatives and friends in more than 100 countries. This is not all. The funds are available for withdrawal almost immediately.

Whether you decide to pay in cash or use your bank account, it’s all possible with MoneyGram. The bonus is that you can schedule your transfer in advance before the exchange rates fluctuate. This is one way to save on transfer. The other way is through coupon codes. Nowadays, you can access MoneyGram latest coupons online, and you can use them to reduce your transfer cost.

Here are 7 ways you can find the coupons online:

Visit moneygram.com

Genuinely, there is no quick and sure way of finding coupons than asking the owner of the business. So, visiting their Website allows you to know about the availability of specific coupons that you are in need of. The site is really user-friendly. The tabs are easy to navigate. For example, if you are looking for the latest coupons, you just have to click on Plus Rewards under the ‘quick links’ section at the bottom of the homepage.

Use MoneyGram App

These days, you don’t have to visit MoneyGram Website to send money or learn about the latest offers. You can use their mobile app. The MoneyGram app is available for download on their Website. You can also get it on Google Play if you are using Android or App Store if you are using an iPhone. It’s a simplified version of the site, so you also need to check the Plus Rewards section to find the latest coupons.

Sign Up for their Newsletter

When you visit MoneyGram using your mobile phone or desktop, you should not leave without signing up for their newsletter even if you don’t find coupons that you want. Through the newsletter, you can know when the coupons that you are interested in are available. You’ll also be informed about amazing promos and offers that MoneyGram may be having. Newsletter subscription is generally an effortless way of finding MoneyGram coupons.

Join the MoneyGram Plus Reward Program

MoneyGram always has a reward program running for their old and new customers. The reward program, known as Plus Reward, is a membership program that allows you to enjoy money transfer coupons of varying discounts. For example, new customers are given up to 20% off on their second financial transfers while the existing customers get up to 40% off each time they do 5 transfers.  This encourages them to use the service more often.

Ask Customer Support

In case you visit their Website and can’t find any coupons, you shouldn’t leave without talking to customer support. Ask them about the latest coupons. You can also inquire about where you can find genuine MoneyGram coupons. You are allowed to chat with them via live chat or social media. You can also make a direct call. The other option is to email the support desk. To contact support staff, you should click on ‘contact us’ under the support section at the bottom of their homepage.

Try Coupon Sites

If you are looking for any type of coupon code, you can always find it on coupon sites. A popular site to launch your search is CouponCause.com. They always have the latest coupons for MoneyGram and for other money transfer services. The other platforms that are as good as Retailmenot.com are Coupons.com and Groupon.com. The advantage of these sites is that they have their mobile versions and so you can use them to set alerts for MoneyGram coupons. You can also sign up for their newsletters to get first-hand MoneyGram coupon notices.

Search on Finder.com

Finder.com is more like the Google version of finding things. So, you can search ‘MoneyGram coupons’ on the site at the search box, and you’ll be availed with a wide selection of offers. You just have to find the coupon code that relates to the destination that you are planning to send money to.

With MoneyGram, it’s easier to send money to anyone anywhere in the world. The most exciting part, however, is that they always have coupon promos. You just have to locate them and use them whenever you are sending money via the service. For a start, you should use the discussed strategies.