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Due to the significance of the Microsoft brand, Microsoft certificates have historically been the most valuable certifications. The PL-900 Microsoft Power Platform Fundamentals Certification is one of these credentials. Are you among those aspiring individuals who are interested in obtaining this certification?

Then you would need to go deeper into the Microsoft Power Platform’s fundamentals and comprehend its function. You can begin your career with Microsoft and gain a thorough understanding of Power Platforms by taking the PL-900: MS Power Platform Fundamentals exam.

The PL-900 Microsoft Power Platform Fundamentals Certification enables you to understand the fundamentals and essential concepts needed to start with Power Platform. You must pass the Microsoft PL-900 exams to receive this PL 900 certification

Completing this test will teach you how to design straightforward app experiences, automate business processes to produce business insights, and work more productively. Without delving deeply into specific programming and administration techniques, the exam concentrates on Microsoft Power Platform products like Power Apps, Power BI, and Power Virtual agents.

Details of the Microsoft PL-900 Exam

40 to 60 questions are included in the Microsoft Power Platform Fundamentals – PL-900 test. Additionally, the questions on the Microsoft PL-900 exams might be in many formats, including drag-and-drop, multiple-choice, case study, short answers, and mark review. You will only have 60 minutes to complete this exam. The Microsoft PL-900 passing score is 700 (Out of 1000). Additionally, the exam will set you back $99 or Rs 8,200. The English language is used in the test.

The following crucial domains are the focus of the Microsoft PL-900 certification exam:

  • Describe the Power Platform’s business value (15–20%)
  • Determine the Power Platform’s essential elements (15–20%)
  • Showcase Power BI’s skills (15–20%)
  • Describe Power Apps’ capabilities (15–20%)
  • Showcase Power Automate skills (15–20%)
  • Prove the commercial viability of Power Virtual Agents (10–15%) 

Do You Have the Necessary Qualities for Microsoft Power Platform Certification?

You must determine whether or not you are the best fit for this certification before moving forward and learning more about how to obtain it. If you want to pursue it: the Microsoft Power Platform certification is reportedly a significant career boost for you.

  • The Power Platform is driving the development of solutions
  • Collaboration with Power Automate to automate preferred and standard business practices
  • Data analysis that is done with Power BI
  • Create robust apps that streamline business operations
  • Chatbots and virtual agents should develop to stay up with unified solutions

Tips to Study for the Microsoft PL-900 Exam, which may help students to pursue

  • Check out the Microsoft website

You must visit Microsoft’s official website to get the necessary exam information. You will find a wealth of information on this website to aid your exam preparation. In addition, you will discover information regarding the registration procedure. The official website provides exam procedures, prices, and curriculum topics. You can also learn about the available learning resources to aid your Microsoft exam preparation.

  • Acquire knowledge about the PL-900 Exam Objectives

You must comprehend the exam objectives before moving on to the training course. You must be aware of what the exam entails. The official website provides detailed information on exam topics. Before employing study materials to prepare for your exam, it is advantageous to comprehend the exam themes.

  • Join a Training Program

The next step is to sign up for a training course to understand the material covered by the PL-900 exam after you are comfortable with it. You can sign up for the resources offered through the Microsoft Learning platform. You will learn about practice in a training course, which will help you to respond to the questions on the PL-900 exam.

  • Utilize practice exams

You can get a sense of the exam’s format and how to approach the various types of questions by taking PL-900 practice exams. Additionally, taking practice exams will highlight your strong and weak points. You can find a variety of practice test programs online.

The Microsoft PL-100: Is It Worth the Time and Money?

Clients and Microsoft channel partners continue to recognize the value of the Microsoft PL-900 certification. For two key reasons, professionals and developers should pursue the Microsoft Power Platform Fundamentals (PL-100) certification. They must show their Power App skills or master new App Maker skills.

  • PL-900 Microsoft Certification Validates Skills and knowledge

The best option to validate the abilities of developers or business analysts using PowerApps is to obtain the Power apps certification. You’ll be able to prove to the members of your management team and business process team that you possess the in-depth expertise required to create powerful Power Platform apps. It should open up doors for future advancement and provide prospects for fantastic projects.

  • Learn New Skills While Preparing for the PL-900 Exam

Preparing for the PL-100 exam would be a method to learn and validate your skills as an App Maker for people looking to join a process improvement team that uses Power Apps.


Your dedication to passing the PL-100 exam may persuade management to assign you to a process development team if your company currently uses Power Apps. You shouldn’t disregard the preparation process because it is crucial to get any certification. With the study materials and the PL-900 practice test, you may boost your exam-taking abilities and achieve excellent results on the Microsoft Power Platform Fundamentals exam.